Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Small Step For A Sri Lankan....

Wasn't what was said.

The actual words were

"One small step for man but one giant step for mankind."

It was exactly forty years ago yesterday that so famous phrase was utterred by Louis Armstrong as he and Buzz Lightyear landed on the moon. Naturally they did it at night time, when the moon was out.

I heard that Lankan astronauts attempted the same feat several times but, on arrival in the vicinity, they saw the full moon, declared a Poya day and promptly went home and travelled down south for the long weekend.

But, if it had been a Sri Lankan astronaut to get to the moon first, what do you think he would have said?

Prizes for the funniest as always.

Answers on a comment please.


JP said...

"Pissu hadena sanda." would have been the words

themissingsandwich said...

Probably would have declared himself a god. And had his picture pasted all across the country.

Anonymous said...

"Do they serve paan and paripu here?"


Gerald said...

"haawa ko bung?"

"Where's that rabbit?". Sounds better in sinhala.

theselittlearthquakes said...

"Do they serve paan and paripu here?"


- hahaha, gold!

Gallicissa said...

“No signals”

Sam said...

As soon as I land, I will honk out loud for no reason and as soon as I get down from the vehicle, I will find the nearest tree or the wall, and pee for good five minutes. And then, most probably I will apply for political asylum.

Dee said...

Write on a moon rock ... "Priya I lauw you"...or "12X, elephant sign, Piyadasa"