Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three Songs You Hate The Most

I was tagged here by JapSach, who's not actually a Japanese porn mag. The rules are simple; mention three songs you hate the most, give a little reasoning and then tag three (or more) people.

Here goes:

1. Fucking Hotel fucking California - Oh I hate this song with a passion normally reserved for people who think it's easy to be a drummer. It's so middle of the road that it should have white lines painted all over it, which was a great song incidentally. Talented musicians the Eagles, great songwriters for sure, just not my thing.

2. Lady In Red - Come now, I don't think I need to explain this one.

3. I Just Called To Say I Love You - The great, the legendary, the genius that is Mr Stevie Wonder wrote this. Then, to make it worse he recorded it. Then, to rub our noses in it he released it and trillions of people bought it. I'll never understand why the bloke who wrote and played Superstition and Living For The City would do such a thing.

The only explanation I can think of is that he received his bank statement, in braille of course, and there was a scratch on it that he mistook for a minus sign. A quick buck was needed so our Stevie whacked this thing out and made some what he thought was much needed wedge.

I herby tag some musical people I can think of:

Gyppo, Java Jones and T.

I apologise sincerely Java, for I really do know how much you hate these things, but I'd be very interested in your response to the question.



Java Jones said...

I won't waste a post on this, but since it looks like you REALLY want to know, the first ones that came to mind are; (not sure if the titles are correct okay?)

Everything you do - that Brian Adams song

A song that goes "suicidal, suicidal", that makes me want to go homicidal for the singer!

That Titanic song by Celine Dion (I can't stand hearing her stuff)

Hope that gets you off!


Sachintha said...


Only today I realized there are people who hated Hotel California!

It is a good thing indeed I started this. Imagine if we ever met and I chose to discuss Hotel California with you?

ViceUnVersa said...

Hey RD, Hotel California was like the flag of the rock movement taking place out of Los Angeles, I love the live version with the guitar solo. So do beg to differ. Definitely go along with JJ, anything by Celine Dion and I puke. You forgot Hello by Lionel Richie, We are the World and God Save the Queen.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Java - I suppose it will do!

I don't know the second song, hopefully someone will recognise it.

Sach - Frankly, after seeing your rather bitter and cynical character assasination of the legend that is Britney, I don't think we'll ever meet.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - Yes, understood about Hotel Calif, I suppose I'm just slightly too young to have known it from when it was actually out first time. Hello by LR was very high up on my list as was Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.

Sam said...

National anthem of Sri Lanka – that is it. I was tortured for 12 years, every morning, under the burning sun, in a terrible place call school where they punish people for no reason, and they were forced me to sing that, standing straight.. While watching some of my friends occasionally faint in shear horror.

Gypsofactum 12 said...

Hahahahhahahaha, Java, I HATE the "suicidal" song too! It's "Beautiful Girl" by Jay Sean or somebody like that. Reggae, hip hop type stuff. Which is why you've never heard of it, R!! Lol.

Still trying to think of my last two R...

Jerry said...

What do you mean people who think drumming is easy?

My two year old cousin can drum. It's easy. Just banging things together.


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sam - That does sound unpleasant, but I guess these national anthems are designed to instill pride in the people more than be high up on MTV's charts for the month.

G12 - Yes, that would explain why I don't know it. I can't keep up with the kids these days! Come on G, think of the 2.

Jerry - I am left speechless

maf said...

i can't believe no one has aichy breaky heart by the chap with the mullet... or anything country other than Johnny Denver. managed to live in texas and avoid listening to it and come to la la lanka and here it all hotel lobbies

la la lanka by the perennially out of tune calypso bands roaming the country. just ruins the atmosphere.

i would do anything for love but that by meat loaf. bat of hell was such an anthem as young one and this several years later .. amkes you want to puke. what the hell is he meant to be talking about..

celine dion should be shot