Monday, July 13, 2009

How To Pronounce Lamprais

I saw that someone from the UK had got to my blog the other day by searching the phrase

"Lamprais pronounciation"

My first thought was a mocking and cruel one. Along the lines of

"Ha, how stupid can someone be? It's obvious how to pronounce the word, surely anyone can work that out?"

Then I thought more about the important matter. It dawned on me that, if a chap isn't Sri Lankan, or Dutch, or used to hearing and saying the word, then it's a total mindfuck of a word. My possible pronounciations are:

Lamp rice

Lump rice

Lamp rye

Lump rye

Lamp raise

Lump raise

Confusing really, this whole language and phonetics business isn't it?


David Blacker said...

I'd go with "lump rise".

ViceUnVersa said...

I have a problem with the spelling all the time. As for pronunciation, go with what the burghers recommend?

Anonymous said...

I do not about you but I pronounce it "yum yum"