Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Macbook News

So, here I am, sitting here surrounded by parents, waiting for the rain in the West Indies to stop and for Sri Lanka to beat the Aussies in the final. It may be a long wait!

There must be people around the world feeling just like this household does right now. Just want the match to start, I bet none of us want it to have to wait until tomorrow. Sky Sports, the channel of choice here in the UK is showing highlights from the other good matches in the world cup. I wonder if everyone watching this feels as half hearted as I do. No one really wants to see highlights of previous matches right now. I wonder if everyone shares my opinion on Malinga's hair. That's hardly a chap who wants to stay out of the limelight is it? I was thinking of adopting the same hairstyle but have decided that Sanath's shiney look may be one that suits my rate of hair growth more than Malinga's.

My Dad spoke to his family in Sri Lanka this morning, apparently all the boys in his village have got firecrackers at the ready. It's an occasion that I would love to be enjoying in the heart of Colombo. I bet the atmosphere is kicking there.

What else?

I'm getting more used to this MacBook thing I bought. Everything about is has grabbed me. Thanks to all the people who left comments on my first post about it. I now know how to select multiple items in a list and am finding my way around the other idiosyncrasies. The more I learn about these idiosyncrasies, the more I think that they're actually common sense and it's PCs and windows that have weird things and strange illogical design. The more I get used to the MacBook the more I feel that my work PC is clunky, the design is messy and its keyboard is second rate.

I haven't figured out the MacMail thing yet. On first opening it asked me if I wanted to set up an account. I tried, I failed, I gave up. I now get some error message whenever I go there telling me that my password has been rejected. It's not a dealbreaker, just frustrating and annoying. I can't think of anyone I know that actually uses a mac mail address anyway.

I am wondering about my wisdom in buying a black MacBook though. I think it looks better than white, I prefer the general ambience of it. I like black things, not in excess but I'm partial to a splash of black now and again. The problem though is fingermarks; they show up everywhere. There must be some handy tips for keeping these things fingermarkless.

I'm getting used to the dock, to the F9 key, what a great little key that is and the simplistic design. Years of habit mean that I am struggling to recognise the Safari icon as that for the Internet, I'm sure that will change soon.

So, for now, I'm off. The players are out on the pitch, it looks like some kind of match is about to start.

Let's hope my next post is one of the millions that will celebrate Sri Lanka winning the world cup!!

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