Friday, April 27, 2007

What's Going Down?

There I was the other morning. Standing in the shower and thinking about Colombo.

It's something I do a lot of, particularly recently, what with the cricket going on.

I'm hugely excited about the final tomorrow, as are most Sri Lankans I guess. Here in England most people I've spoken to about it think that the Aussies will probably win. But, they also say that this is a world cup in which the two best teams have ended up in the final, that, if anyone can do it and beat the Aussies, it's the Sri Lankans.

I agree.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be watching the match at my parents' house. I'll be wishing I was in Colombo though.

Good Luck Sri Lanka!!


Rajpal said...

Two best teamns no doubt are in the finals. but sri lanka has what it takes to beat the oz, only if the sri lankans use their cricketing brains. talent-wise, they have head to head more talent than the aussie team.
but the aussies tend to bamboozle the opposition, and you need brains to play yourself out of such a strategem.
so anyway, all the very best to you as you watch in london. i am watching in colombo -- with friends!!

Rajpal Abeynayake

N said...

dunno bout Colombo, but personally I'd rather be in Barbados!!!