Sunday, April 1, 2007

You shake that ass and I just die

I wouldn't normally write the word "ass" unless I was referring to one of those donkey things. I would always go for the English "arse" as in the context of, well an arse.

This time things are different because I'm quoting from a song by Orson, who are American, and it's in American. Therefore when they say "ass" they mean "arse".

Just a pop song really, a nice grooving little number that probably doesn't fit my profile of the type of songs or music I like. But it makes me smile. The drumming reminds me of Ringo's playing, never too flash, never doing cartwheels just to show that he can, but perfect for the song.

I guess the song was in the charts here about a year ago but I must hear it at least once a day on the radio, it's one of those lingering tunes that will get played for a while yet.

Why did I just think of it?

Because someone said to me the other day, in writing, "kiss my ass".

I thought "Mmmm.... I never knew you had a donkey."

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