Tuesday, April 3, 2007

On Muse, Levis and Decision Making

There I was, in the Levi store trying on a pair of jeans. Shocking but true. The reckless days of seeing an item of clothing, picking my rough size and then buying without trying it on have long gone. Mostly because, after about twenty years of this behaviour, I discovered that I had a wardrobe full of great and lovely clothes. Great and lovely clothes that mostly didn't suit or fit me.

Frankly it wasn't good enough, a waste of money. I don't want to sound too pikey of course. I'm not the type who fills up their mineral water bottle with tap water or anything, but I have my limits.

As I've got older I've noticed that there are people with that natural sense of style about them. The types who know what looks good on them and which things suit them and aren't just slaves to fashion. The sort who don't have to be told that socks and sandals just don't go, that you don't iron creases into jeans and, most importantly, that look was pretty damn good on Jennifer Aniston or Lily Allen but on you, at Tesco buying groceries....No! Particularly if you're a man.

I have a next door but one neighbour, a cute and sexy lovely blonde woman, not that I've ever noticed her much. She's an incredibly attractive woman who wears fantastic clothes. But, they're just not fantastic clothes on her. Every time I see her I think how much better she'd look without her clothes on. And I mean that in every way possible too.

She ain't got no style, she looks like she's dressed herself from a magazine without thinking about what suits her shape and her colouring.

Then there are those characters, both male and female, who make themselves appear slick and sensual from their clothes, despite the fact that they are actually rather plain looking. We all know them in real life and they are people to be admired in my book, with a sense of confidence and self assuredness that is often contagious.

So, as I've got older and wiser (ha) I've tried to develop my own sense of style. Okay, before anyone else says it I know I've failed abysmally but I've tried, I just don't have a clue.

There I was in the Levis shop, in the changing rooms trying on a pair of jeans. I was undecided. I looked at them in the mirror. I walked out of the changing room and looked in another mirror. I saw a woman checking her own reflection out and possibly she was as undecided as I was. Frankly her arse was way too big for the tight jeans she was trying on, but I chose not to tell her.

My mind was split, my decision was unclear and my purchasing finger was itching. On the one hand, if I hesitated for much longer, I'd most probably have turned into a woman, I've heard this can happen. On the other hand I needed some kind of guidance, a sign or a nudge.

I thought, I listened. They were playing Muse through the shop's stereo. The song was "Hysteria" one of my favourites.

Done. That was the sign.

I bought them.

This style thing's not that easy sometimes is it?


Anonymous said...

Well , Mr Dias Pora , I know exactly what you mean. About the looks that suit you....And the one's that don't .....But my Machoism has prevented me from trying on anything before I buy...
guess it is time to admit..."My name is Soandso , I have no clue of what clothes suits me."


darwin said...

Yeah tell me about people who live in denial about styles that suit them. I find it particularly disgusting to see fat orca types with a thigh bigger than my entire torso squeezing into miniskirts. Especially when the podgy tummy pokes out at the top in what is now known as 'muffin top' style. *shudders*

Ami said...

Ah! The marvel of correct clothes & what they can do for your looks & self-esteem.

Another one to grace the cupboard shelf by the sound of it.

Digressing here, reading your post reminded me of ‘Ramani’ from the pommy teledrama The Bill. I think her real name is Thusitha Jayasundera. If you have watched, the show you would have seen how the stylist dress ‘Ramani’ you can’t get daggier than that. Lol

To explain one of her outfits: - Light green pants & printed top, teamed with a woven orange jacket that is a size big for her, so it looks droopy at the shoulders. Oh, & she carry a mustard colour handbag with the outfit. Lol

She is the only female, dressed this daggy on the show. I wonder if that is how the pommies view SLankans.
Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Yes Thusitha jayasundera stars in the Bill.. an old Ladies College girl who came over to RADA and went on to bigger and better things

Anonymous said...

She still managed to pull Terry.

naz said...

style? what works for me is jewllery, a pair of levis, and a white shirt. of course I could do so much more if i had millions and could afford haute couture.