Friday, December 28, 2007


With a tinge of embarassment I must confess that I've never been to Scotland in my life, until tomorrrow that is.

The festive season is fading fast and giving way to New Year sales and queues in department stores, the conversation is moving rapidly away from thoughts of peace and goodwill to thoughts of how much money was saved in Zara on that leather bag. Every year it's the same, the build up to Christmas day, the drama of last minute shopping and wrapping and the couple of days of good quality family time. Then life gets back to normal quicker than you can say "I wish I was going to the Galle Literary Festival".

But tomorrow sees me heading North for the New Year. I mean proper North too, none of my proper London attitude about Watford being up North. I'll be driving up to Edinburgh to witness Hogmanay there and see what the fuss is about. I'm sure I'll bump into Darwin, I know Scotland's only tiny so we're bound to meet.

The drive looks like it will be a lot of fun. I've got some playlists organised and my camera is at the ready. Sat Nav, rear wheel drive, some cool grooves and some cold, hard cash. What more could a fellow want?

See you later then.

This year Edinburgh, next year Colombo.


Darwin said...

Wooo I'm doing the whole Hogmanay thing too! Hogmanay in Glasgow though, not Edinburgh. If you happen to be at St George's Square let me know!

Confab said...

hey! when ur in scotland don't forget to have Darwin give u a chocolate orgasm.

No i did not mean that! you have a dirty mind my friend!

Savi said...

you haven't been to scotland?!??! what?? rhythmic!! I'm disgusted!

Julesonline said...

Hey - have a fantastic time "up North".. am envious, never made it up there for New Years. :)

cerno said...

Saw an article about Hogmanay in the local sunday rag. Supposed to be quite a bash.

Heard they wear their sarongs hitched up in Scotland ;)

Write a post about Hagus if you get the honor or the misfortune (depennding on how you want to look at it) of eating it. Would be read a Sri Lankan take on it.

Happy new year and safe travels!