Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Java tagged me with this post. He doesn't know it but it was a mental tag. I read his post and thought that I'll use it to do one of my own. I think Java will be ok with that.

What does this season mean to me?

It's one of damn cold weather, nice frosty stuff but cold too. This morning it was minus 3.5 deg as I drove in to work. Either that or the thermometer thing in my car isn't working properly.

It's a time to get lots of things finished for the year, of closing a few deals, of finalising some invoice queries and shaking some hands.

It's enforced, but also a lovely way to spend time with loved ones, to watch the girls' faces as they open presents and get excited about things.

It's a time to go out for a Xmas drink (or 2) with my brothers and Weston, which we did the other night. To get a bit lashed and have a dodgy Indian, to reminisce about our childhoods and talk about old school friends and who's heard from who, what they're doing now. To chat about who shagged who and listen to Weston telling us that he did. To know that he was only slightly exaggerating too.

It's working through the list I made the other day and getting a bit panicky, but then relaxing because it's that time of year. Realising that it's not a matter of life or death whether I've bought enough orange juice or not, then realising that I've bought none yet anyway.

Thinking back to Boxing Day 2004, a day that no Sri Lankan will ever forget for all the wrong reasons. Where was God on that day?

To feel the whole of a Country get ready for the seasonal break, to be aware of the collective suprise that we're nearly there, then to notice the rush of activity, then to see people and businesses start to wind down and begin the rest and relaxing.

To be very aware that there are always people worse off and always people better off then oneself.

Oh yes, to wonder if Father Christmas will leave me anything nice this year.

Darwin, Cerno, The Missing Sandwich, consider your good festive selves as tagged. Take the title "'tis the season to be jolly" and do with it what you wish.


cerno said...

arg! not the tagging thing again!
(writhe writhe)

Darwin said...

Perhaps I'll take you up on it. It just depends (pragmatic nod of the head)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ah go on Darwin, you've got me wondering exactly what a pragmatic nod looks like now.