Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Too Much Turkey

5.44 PM on Christmas Day.

My Dad is lying slightly dazed and mellow on the chair close to me, at any time in the next few minutes his eyes will close and he may well be gone for the night. In the next room the old, old Sri Lankan photo album has made its appearance and my Mum is showing it off proudly.

Pictures from the early 1900s, black, white and sepia. Batticaloa, Jaffna and days gone by. My Grandparents in the days of old, wearing hats and looking as if they're negatives from a PG Wodehouse novel. Lots of pictures of people called "Daniels".

I gave my Dad two remote control tuk tuks, one in red and one in yellow. I think I may have succeeded in finding him the perfect present, they've got horns and crowded street noises and everything.

It's been a big year, next year will be even bigger, it always is.


Confab said...

seasons greetings RD:)

hope next year is great for u.

Cerno said...

I'm desperate to know where you bought those remote control tuk tuks from. :) The horns and crowded street noises seem very cool. Just the thing to get before buying the real thing!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Cerno - Unbelievably I bought them from Marks and Spencers!