Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mmmm.. you smell like..??


Well, it won't be long.

I was watching TV the other night and saw an advert for a new "Kate Moss" perfume of some sort. Now frankly, like many chaps, I think Miss Moss is an incredibly sexy and beautiful woman. I don't normally go for models, largely because they don't normally go for me, but Kate Moss can have a go on my drum kit any day she chooses. Except Tuesdays because that's Mimosa's band practice night. And Wednesdays, when I have the girls, but any other day would be fine.

But I stared at the screen and pondered on what type of person would want to buy her perfume. Do people think that they'll actually smell like Kate Moss by buying the perfume with her name on it? Do they even think that she wears it herself, indeed does she? I would imagine that Kate Moss smells pretty rough after a night out, although her own nose probably hasn't got much sensation left in it these days.

Then, in the same ad break, up pops a little "arty" thing with Christina Agui bloody lera looking about as seductive as a steak and kidney pudding without any chips and I realised that the world must have gone stark raving fragrance crazy.

David Beckham's got his own line of perfumes or eau de whatever it is. As has Michael Jordan, Cliff Richard, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Maria Sharapova and Calum Best.

And after way too much reflection on the matter I've concluded that the only people who buy these things must be fans who want their boyfriend or girlfriend or partner to smell like their idol, with the rare person who just buys it because they like the smell.

So I've come up with some tag lines and ideas for Sri Lankan celebrities' fragrances. What do you think?

Eau de Mahinda - "The Smell Of Fear - Expensive, dangerous and stops traffic.

Ranil's Revenge - "Makes you feel like a man"

Anura's Aroma - Only available in extra large bottles.

Murali's Magic - "Makes Your Balls Spin"


thekillromeoproject said...

maybe even - Prabha's Poison - A real blast

i"deal"ic ravings said...

I would substitute Ranil's tagline of "Man" with Wuss. I was contemplating Woman but decided in reality a woman's revenge would usually be lethal and very effective

santhoshi said...

I really like J lo S Glow not because of J lo but the fragrance is nice. Maybe you would like Britney spears Range which was advertised a lot before but not anymore:) said...

Karuna's Eau De Toilette - It even works on little kids.

Darwin said...

I confess I'm partial to Chanel and Gucci fragrances. Celeb-perfumes are a bit of a turn off TBH.

I predict that 'Anarkali' will be the next Sri Lankan to market her own perfume - "Eau De Skank".

Parthi said...

love the perfume titles uve come up with especially Murali's and Ranils' lol....Have you watched the N o 5 commercial with Nicole Kidman in it? i think its pretty neatly done!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Darwin - I think you may be right about her, worrying!

Parthi - Thanks, I haven't seen the ad but will look out for it.

S said...

Darwin, you are a woman after my heart; I'm partial to those perfumes too (not the Anarkali one though - it might kill my brain cells).

R - slightly irrelevant, but I started making pot-roasted duck with prunes in a red wine sauce. The whole thing started to smell of vom after 20 mins, so I chucked the sauce and simmered the duck in fresh stock.

Duck was v.nice after that :D

Note to self; savoury food with red wine smells vom.

Anonymous said...

Mervin's Madness - Makes you a mental mug

Java Jones

crystal flame said...

I got Jlo's Glow as a gift.. quite din't like it.. =s it's so like talc..
Channel's Chance, and Hugo Boss' Intense is just great..
loved the politicians' perfumerie collection ;)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

And, while driving into work this morning, I thought of a serious one, that I think will be done at some point in the future. Remember you heard it here first:

Eau Del.

Created under copyright of RD!

Lady divine said...

Good one! :-)

Infact this reminded me of the case study I did last week for CIM finals.. It was all about the fragrance industry and came across most of those well known celebrity brands...
and my lecturer at one point suggested King Kassapa perfume and Dutugemunu perfume.. hehee...

(",) said...

I've been away for two weeks but I've got so much reading to do! Murali's scent did make me chuckle!