Monday, December 3, 2007

I Should Know Better

I guess we're all the same in many ways. We must all have some secret thoughts, some secret fantasies that lurk in the hidden, or perhaps not so hidden, depths of our minds.

Maybe we don't blog about them though. But, I was thinking recently about the things that I really, really, really like, but probably shouldn't admit to. From dodgy women to dodgy cars to blogs. You know what I mean don't you? Stuff that just isn't good for the image but you can't help feeling fond of.

Here's mine, in no particular order:

The Maserati 3200 GT - I love cars. This is just car porn for me. I believe, though am not sure, that this was the first Maserati to be launched when Maserati fell under the stewardship of Ferrari. The chap in the petrol station behind my office has just bought one and I gaze at it lovingly through my office window at regular intervals. The car is fundamentally crap, worth about the same as a rice packet and most didn't last as long. But, the early ones have got those curved upside down L shaped rear lights, that were replaced with normal shaped ones because Americans don't use L's or something. The original ones are little nuggets of automobilic beauty. If I could fit a drumkit in one of these....

A Voice In Colombo - A blog like no other. Old VIC doesn't blog as much as he used to, but every time he puts a post out I'm inexplicably drawn to what he says. Why inexplicable? Because I disagree with just about every word he says. But I'm drawn to his words nonetheless. He's got passion, something I admire.

People falling over. - I can't help myself on this one. Videos like this are just plain funny. Sympathy? Me? No way. Tears of laughter and slight winces of sympathetic pain are all you'll get from me.

Rice - Plain and simple, but it doesn't have to be plain. Like any good Sri Lankan I love the stuff. You can read more about it here but you're probably Sri Lankan and we don't really need to learn about it do we? We love it, we eat it, then we eat more of it, then we get those "rice guts" that white people get from beer. Is there anything good about it? I know not, but I continue to eat it.

Barbara Windsor - She may well be Peggy Mitchell, but she'll always be just like this to me. As British as a good curry or, well a carry on film, I'd do some very rude things to her even now. Let's go camping.

Hillary Clinton - I think there are a few people who think she's mighty cute. Well I'm one of the few and, just like Bill and Monica, I'd love to not have sex with her. I googled her and couldn't find any topless pictures or anything in the least bit sexy. Well, apart from some stuff about her being a lesbian. That's hardly going to turn a boy off is it?

What about you? Any skeletons that you'd like to share?


ravana said...

I have a fantasy about Voice In Colombo. I imagine him and Sittingnut sitting on a park bench in Kilinochchi surrounded by daisies and button mushrooms. They fellate each other in turn while the other sings a song about the all new Siddhalepa Lakpeyawa in a sachet to the tune of "Yessir I can Boogie".

Darwin said...

LOL Ravana that is priceless!

My guilty secrets have been rather well chronicled. MMORPGs such as Runescape and Heat Magazine.

Dodgy music would probably be my Nelly/Usher phase a few years back. What can I say, black men with lots of bling just makes me giggle. *hangs head in shame*.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

It's a bit disgusting about the button mushrooms though!

Damith-TS said...

Lately I find my self logging onto the Maxim magazine website to check out their "articles"