Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Happened to Darwin?

This story has caught the imagination of most of the British public.

John Darwin, who had been missing and was presumed drowned for the last five years, walked into a London police station a few days ago and said "I think I'm a missing person".

Apparently no one, including him, knows exactly what happened to him. His canoe was found smashed in heavy seas in 2002 and, although his body was never found, an inquest into his death was held a year later.

I heard the story on the news on the way in to work and was immediately captivated by it. Normally I pay scant attention to the news but this piece just drew me in and grabbed me. It's one of those relatively trivial news items that crops up every once in a while but grasps the public by the scruff of the neck.

His wife has claimed "in good faith" on his life insurance and moved to Panama only six weeks ago.

This morning I heard that he's been arrested and there are rumours, or allegations, that a photograph was taken of the chap with his wife last year in Panama. So the insinuation is pretty clear that some dodgy stuff has gone on.

I reckon the truth behind it will be revealed very quickly and all will be forgotten by most of us shortly after.

For now though we're all talking about it. My money's on a planned disappearance, an insurance payout and a move to a life of luxury which then went wrong.

Ok, so I'm hardly going to pass the lateral thinking section of the becoming a detective exam. But it makes sense!


Darwin said...

I vote for an alien abduction. Or hey, it could have been Ninjas!

Damith-TS said...

darwin stop it with this Ninja business lol.

When I saw the heading of the post I thought something had happend to you lol.

Anyways, looks like a con gone wrong. The couple probably planned the thing together for the insurance money and it looks like something went wrong in the end.

But cant rule out those darn aliens.