Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday - The Final Details - Important

After a quick and nifty intervention from Java and Dom we have a last minute and welcome change of venue.

The great Lankanosphere get together is confirmed and the details are as follows:

Date - Friday 18th September (which is, like, tomorrow you know)

Time - 7.30 until 11.00. (which is, like PM you know, the evening time)

Place - Barefoot (by which I mean the one in Colombo, not the Galle one)

Oooooh....I can't wait.


Cadence said...

hehe RD, you sound like a teenager with a serious dose of coolioness! Nice use of the word 'Like' :D

Have fun y'all.

ViceUnVersa said...

Ooooh... Have one of those cool Heinekens' from the cooler, reflect on my sad ass in Blights and think of me you bad bitch!
If Nibby turns up ride him one from me!

aufidius said...

I am in London,shame I cant make it! hope you guys have a great time!

Sigma said...

This indeed sounds like an event... pity, so far away...

Jack Point said...

Hi RD,

thanks fro organising the meetup. I had a lot of fun, some very interesting conversations developed.

Apologies for not writing to you personally, can't seem to find your email anywhere on your profile.

Hope that you enjoy the rest of your stay here,