Thursday, September 10, 2009

RD is.....(part 2)

Recovering from the pleasant shock of meeting THE Birdman, Amila. He may well be my newest hero, he certainly needs a post all of his own. There's passion and then there's passion. Amila had passion, not that he leapt all over me, I'm talking about birds here. It was like meeting a real life Indiana Jones, just better and didn't involve whips.

Practicing saying Biennale. Bee en arlay, that's it, easy. Just don't say Buy en ul, whatever I do don't say Buy en ul.

Looking forward to Dom's presentation at Barefoot tonight with baited breath. 7.30, Barefoot, be there, or don't be.

Listening to some Pearl Jam and getting ready to hit the day with a bang, perhaps a pfft.

Lovin' it.....

In the words of that Justin Timberland fellow


Makuluwo said...

Damn, I totally missed Sansoni's thing, heard about it only a minute ago. Sigh. :(

Also.. Timberlake* :D

Soulsysta said...

i stumbled and landed here - only to realize that i'm now dripping in envy.

i want to be in SL. *sigh*

2011 seems like a lifetime away at this point.