Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love Is.....

I was tagged by DD in this love, this whole what is it business. It's an unusual and interesting one and I'd like to thank the oldest emo in town for the honour.

I've been thinking on the question for the last day and a bit. I could wax lyrically about the many examples of love we all see and experience on a daily basis. I could tell you about the love I felt for the girls a few hours ago as I told them off again for fighting, the way I genuinely felt angry with them, wished they'd bicker a bit less and wished I could tell them off more often. But I won't.

I could tell you how I love a person, some people, some countries, some cities and some instruments. But I won't.

I'll tell you what love is to me.

It's simple.

It's when it feels like home.

Anyone who's interested can consider themselves tagged.


Anonymous said...

Sweet RD!

The love between dad's and daughter's is so special. I have an amazing relationship with my dad...and I now see how my hubs loves his little girls...what's more... my brothers too have daughters they adore...

its all just sooo sweet ! :)

Lady divine said...

nicely said.:)

DD said...

Hmph... Like a year older I guess is a lot older?