Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's Meet Then Shall We

I'm trying to organise some kind of bloggers' meet up for Friday evening. So far there are a few of us up for it and we're planning to meet up at an as yet undecided venue.

Anyone else is welcome.

Don't know where, don't know exactly when, just that it's Friday evening and you'll be mad as a Nibras to miss it.




Sachintha said...

Will you have web cams and Skype?

Dee said...

lolol...that's a sticker, "Mad as Nibras Bawa"...
let us knowww

St. Fallen said...

hmmm... why not?
oh btw, there may be an Open Mic this Thursday, come :P

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Very vague details aint it mate..??

Angel said...

What? Where? When?

Why not?


Gypsy said...

Can't wait :)

Also can't believe you're going on Sunday by the way. That's just rude. Honestly.