Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Meet Up - The Story

The great, or not so great, Lankanosphere blogger meet up finally happened last Friday. I feel, in my position as the thingamajig, some might even call me the whatshisname, of the Lankanopshere that I owe it to you to give a brief outline of events, people and the evening in general.

You know, one of the things about my mixed up identity is that, where timekeeping is concerned, I'm strictly a Brit. I just struggle to take that Lankan approach to the time of something and an always early. Even, as on Friday, when I try to be cool, Lankan and lateish, I end up early, uncool and British.

A start time of 7.30 PM saw me and C stroll into the wonder of the Barefoot Garden at about 7.10 on a balmy, rainy and warm Colombo evening. I know it gets its fair share of "exclusive" press and that, from a balanced perspective, the Barefoot Cafe is out of financial reach for the man on the street but I adore it and consider it one of my top five places in the world.

We eased in and sniffed the air. It was delicious, that mixed aroma of the Galle Road, the sea, the rainfall and that heat as it wafted its way around. Rain does something to green things, that's the technical side.

I was a bit worried though. I didn't want to give the impression that I was hosting a big get together, like I was a King, or even a Rajapakse, meeting and greeting people. I wanted just to organise a bit of a meet while I was in town. And, truth be told, TMS was the person who had kindly done most of the organising in terms of getting people to attend. She'd been emailing and calling people and I'd just swanned around in the hill country and sent the odd text asking people if they fancied coming on friday. Not that swans can text.

But I was concerned. Would this be an evening of non attendance? Would the crowd be tiny and geeky?

We sat down and then Java phoned me. He didn't know that we'd sat down though, I just added that in for effect. My initial fear that he was calling to cancel was allayed as he said that he'd be there in a couple of minutes. That, in itself was good enough for me. He arrived, followed closely by Dom and Naz and Kaiser Sebastian Posingis. And here I must apologise, for as I regale you with tales of who turned up and the like I'm sure to forget a blogger or two. It's only because I was rather excited to meet so many.

We had Nisadas and a friend. Now I must confess that I'm not a regular over at the Nisadas place, though have read it a bit. But, from an almost casual remark I discovered that his friend was actually Angel with a Pitchfork, the Doctor blogger whom I think many of us read regularly. To use the correct Lankanistic approach I should really say that she's actually the Doctor (Mrs) Blogger we all read regularly.

Then there was T, the Dance in a Triangle T, not the Gypsy T, and the blogger formerly known as Child of 25, along with their bubbling sexual tension. I'd bumped into them the previous week so this wasn't our first meeting but I was pleased they were there.

TMS of course was there, along with Jade and St Fallen. TMS was exactly as I'd expected her to be. We'd emailed, texted and communicated in all ways except that so old fashioned face to face one. This was our first meeting and, I think it's safe to say, TMS was suitably impressed with me.

St Fallen slouched everywhere and was ever so slightly different to the way he portrays himself through his writing. I guess that's what these teenager fellows do these days but conversation with him wasn't what some might call effortless.

The Blacker bros were there too. It was the first time I'd actually met TKRP and I hope not the last. At one point I looked at the fellows and their heads reminded me of a couple of snooker balls. There's just not much in the way of hair going on and I pity the unlucky person who goes around town with the title of "hairstylist to the Blacker Bros".

It was a bit awkward to introduce people to each other when I didn't actually know them, I'm not good with these things, and the big barrier caused by thinking you know a person when you actually don't was sometimes evident. We could have done with some name badges, special ones with the person's real name, their blog name and also a link to their blog would have been handy.

At one point a bloke arrived and told me he was the Jester. I feel so bad to confess but I thought he meant Jerry, the Jester of ASOB. Only later did I discover that he was actually Jack Point, the Court Jester. JP's one of my old and much liked regulars and I wish I'd had more time to listen to him and talk to him. So sorry about that JP, I hope we can meet again. Tall, dark and handsome eh? Well I've heard it said that it's not only you that thinks so, you charmer. You have fans, female ones.

Java's famous and often blogged about friend Mr Zippy was there too. I was disappointed in him to be honest. With a name like that I'd expected a punky and edgy chap, with zips all over him. Turns out he's called Mr Zippy because he owns a Zippo lighter. I've decided that I want to be called Mr Briefcase from now on, maybe Mr Biro, though not because I invented the thing.

Later in the evening Indi ambled in casually in his understated I hardly ever wear shoes way. I was glad about that as no Lankan bloggers' get together would have been anyway near complete without him, even if his sentences are sometimes missing a word or two, kinda.

The new drummer arrived as well. That was great for me, we got to talk about drums, drummers, sticks and pedals. He even asked me for some advice and I had to pretend that I was a proper and good drummer and make stuff up. I think I managed to fool him.

There were some notable absences, people who I would have loved to have met and people who I'm sure would have loved to have been there. DD, you were one of the most popular subjects of conversation and, though not there, your presence was felt.

The Gypsy and Amila Salgado were sorely missed though I was lucky to have met them both before. Cerno was absent but had sent a sick note in beforehand.

All in all I think the evening was a success, though I'm blissfully ignorant of the expectations I had beforehand. It's funny to say so but I met some people who I'd already considered friends and just had a bit of a laugh.

Thanks to all who came, particularly to TMS for the publicity and Dom and Naz for the venue.

Oh, some of us ended up at R+Bs later on. Me and Java played pool.

He thrashed me.

Which probably proves that the bidet spray is the way to go.


surani said...

Wow! I am sorry I missed out on the Grand Meeting. Any pictures ;o)

Jerry said...

I don't look THAT old.

Delilah said...

damn. if only we'd known that Jack Point was going to be there.

Indy said...

Almost wish I was there...although I'm sure I'd have been a fly on the wall there amongst everyone ! Nice to read abt it!

ViceUnVersa said...

I am as usual very like the bridesmaid, never the bride. Missed a good one eh?
At least my humble ass was remembered for which I thank you and remain chuffed.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Surani - Yes there are quite a lot of pics but not online yet, though I'm also not sure if some would mind if they're put up.

Jerry - Nor that dashing!

Delilah - You should have been there. Simple.

Indy - Thank you, I did think that you would have enjoyed it actually.

DD - You were missed mate. GM2U2

Sachintha said...

Great to see you guys had a good time!

Hope I'll manage to be there the next time.

Jack Point said...

Apologies to Jerry for having stolen his show;)

Man, I should have been more punctual, looks like missed a number of interesting people. Anyway, hopefully there will be a next time:)

Java Jones said...

Mr. Zippy owns the Zippo Agency. He has about 20 Zippos of his own!

Cool description of the meet-up...

themissingsandwich said...

Suitably impressed eh? He he. Yes, yes, you looked rather dashing with that nearly balding head of yours. Almost as good as those Blacker boys, I tell you! :P

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - Yes, would have been great to meet you.

JP - I hope we can do it again, perhaps more notice would mean more people.

JJ - Aaah - I did not know this! Lovely bloke anyway.

TMS - Almost???

Cadence said...

Sounds like u guys had fun! Next time I'll leave the contemplations behind!

dramaqueen said...

I was supposed to be there. I was going to be the wittiest thing you've ever met.

And then I just HAD to go and get landed with a workload, didn't I....

It sucks.

Scrumpulicious said...

JP was there?! I almost wish I'd made the trip across now! :-(

Angel said...

RD... it was great meeting you and all the other bloggers.... I had SO much fun! Lookin' forward to the next time...

...and thanks for the change!

Dulan said...

Hey RD. It was nice to meet you and the rest of the guys.

Of course, it was a little like watching the movie of a book you've read, since what you see doesn't always match with the image you've built up in your head. Somehow I thought you'd be louder, what with the constant exposure to drums and all that :-)

Anonymous said...

JP WAS THERE ??? You lucky things !!

RD, when will the photos be posted ?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Anon - I'm not sure yet, watch this space

gutterflower said...

dammit. no one told us that JP was coming.

sounds like an interesting night. :)