Thursday, May 28, 2009

Five Words, Five Bloggers, Some Tag

It's been a long time since there was a good old game of blog tag so I thought I'd start one. It's easy to play and anyone can join in providing they've been tagged. But even if you haven't been tagged feel free to whack one out.

It's my game so I make the rules, they go like this:

You write five words to describe how you feel about recent events in Sri Lanka.

You tag five bloggers.

You sit back and relax.

Mine are:

1. Hopeful

2. Positive

3. Optimistic

4. Sad

5. Exhaling.

I herby tag:

1. The Gypsy (Bohemian)

2. The Sandwich (Missing)

3. The T (Triangular Dancing Variety)

4. The Sudda (Kalu)

5. The Vice (unversa)



Dinidu said...

Excellent idea!

Kalusudda said...

Yes Dinidu, waiting see how you feel, seriously.
Thanks RD, For the brilliant idea. You got me thinking, a lot. I was thinking about it today on my 100 mile (Now daily, for one more week) drive. I keep on coming up with new feelings. I have to add "DUMB", knowing how naive I was about international politics.

Anonymous said...

Born loooooooooooser
see this