Friday, May 29, 2009

Jerry's In.

You may notice, if I remember to actually do it, that we have a new addition to the LLD blogroll.

Jerry, the insane mind fellow, has made it.

For some time the whole team here have been reading and laughing at his posts. It's a traditional diary type blog in one way, but injected with a serious dose of caustic wit as well.

And, for your information, I chucked "caustic" in there without knowing if it's in the right context, it just felt right.

And, for your further information, I've just looked it up in the dictionary and I think my use of the word is more than acceptable.

Jerry takes the place of Theena, the well and truly lost poet, who hasn't written a post for over five months now. I hope that the poet returns and I'll be the first to put up a new link to his place, probably sacking Jerry because he's no longer funny, like Steve Martin.

Jerry, please remember to post me the money we talked about. I can change a 50 Rs note if you're stuck.


Jerry said...

Ooohhhhhhh so this is what celebrity feels like?


Now, about the contract, are you SURE you can be my agent for that amount? Your email sounded like spam.

Thankee ARRDEE! :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Jerry - it's fine, just send me your bank details, a letterhead and those picturs of your mother in the swimsuit and I'll look after the rest.

Just Chillin' said...

Eeer what's all this about??
Didn't get it...!!

Or is it supposed to be an inside joke :)

Anonymous said...

@Just Chillin, oh thee ignorant babe,
This is how the circle of "oh, that is a fine post " , "thank yee, indeed, I thought so myself" start. You have just witnessed an introduction of another blogger to this category of "lets talk thte death out of this issue" blog roll.

Clarification also add "do NOTHING, just talk Only"

Anonymous said...

Good day :)

What was the number one and the worst film of the year 2010 in your oppinion? In my view it would have to be:

Best: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Worst: A Nightmare on Elm Street

All the best :) <3