Friday, May 15, 2009

Lately In The Lankanosphere...

I know it's Friday and I know I'm confused.

It was Colonel Chocolate in the billiard room?

And Indi is really David Blacker, who is the person who really killed Bambi?

And Charm Bracelet's gone because she got outed by Bambi?

And DD is actually thekillromeoproject, who used to be married to RD?

Wait, I'm RD, I think. Hold on, I'll need to go and look at another blog that's got my picture on it.

But I don't actually exist because I'm John Denver.

Now Indyana's gone, which I'm sad about.

And Lady D's got swollen bits, fingers and all.

JapSach goes and chooses this of all times to go and start exposing himself.

And, in the middle of all this Kalusudda bungs up a little youtube thing that makes me think of giving up drumming entirely. When some kid can make drum sounds like that, with no drums anywhere around, then I must think about an alternative instrument.

The Lankanosphere's gone mental.

That about sums it up for now.

Have a good weekend all.



Serendib_Isle said...

All because Now-Buried someone was molested in school? Haah hah ha!

Anonymous said...

hehe cool

Kalusudda said...

You too my friend, just wanted to extract a smile from you! Yes with all the exposes! I am also wondering about Indyana, there got to be some semblance to all these stories.
Just not that much fun anymore! Even Java is on the quiet.
Have a good one!

themissingsandwich said...

RD... You're scaring me now

Lady divine said...

heh... it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaad..

Doc says it's an allergy! and I was thinking what I had for it to go wrong... and then I remembered...

I went to a pub with some friends the night before and they were actually out of tequila to make margarita! So they gave me something called a kamakaze.. yes yes very sexually Japanese I know!

and that is what made me have this! Gah! unbelievable!

Makuluwo said...

Yep that pretty much sums it up. :P

ViceUnVersa said...

RD is that you?


Good morning!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Serendib - I know, madness.

Rannelee - Thanks

KS - That certainly made me smile, thanks have a good one too.

TMS - Someone had to reveal all, may as well have been me.

Lady D - Allergic to alcohol???

Makuluwo - thank you

DD - I'm not sure. I think it's me, it's just all so confusing.


Voice in Colombo said...

Shh.... Don't tell anyone. Voice in Colombo actually is Sanjana Hattotuwa. I got a borderline personality disorder. Sometimes I feel tigers are white. Sometimes I feel they are black. I use two blogs to express my feelings according to situation. Now RD! Don't publish this... Shhhhhh....

Good morning! Have a nice day

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

VIC - No probs, I won't publish a thing.

Good morning to you too!

Lady divine said...

I wouldn't survive if I was allergic to alcohol! OMG!

It's that specific drink which i had. must've been one of the contents.. or maybe it reacted with the mutton i ate that night..:)

Scrumpulicious said...

Fooking mental! Leaves my mind boggled each and every time! :S

kaavvz said...

Err...I'm sure there's a clever way to email you this but I looked around for a link and well... gave up. Anyways, I figured you'd get a kick out of this:


Anonymous said...

RD, question ?

Do these posts qualify as original thoughts ? or are they part of blogipoplularity ?
[ok that is freaky , blogging to be popular ]

Becoming a bit boring.

A tab bit.

Anonymous said...


Read and learn. Look how this guy has crafted the post about a simple fruit.

Informative and intelligent.

The type of post you want A and K to read about.

What on earth is the obsession with the female fingers ????

Simple need not be dumb. Simple can be inteligent. After all look at the humble file clip. Simple but not dumb.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

kaavvz - Thanks a lot, that was really superb

Anon - If it's boring feel free not to read. I'll survive. I agree with you about Rajarataral, I think he write well and interestingly.

Anonymous said...

I'll survive - very unlikely. Totally doubt it.

At best you will pine and wither away without these negative comments.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Anon - Yes you're right, I'll miss you, in a way!!