Friday, May 22, 2009

Lately In The United Lankanosphere....

I met a rocket scientist the other day, a real live one, honestly I did. A nice bloke, a friend of Musicbiz Bro, but I don't think we need him to write a guest post to tell us all, with the use of equations and intellect that's only ever found inside a university campus, that the LTTE has been defeated and the activity on the Lankanosphere is a reflection of that.

With apologies to all who have been omitted but this edition of "Lately" is going to focus solely on the blogs and blog posts that have written about the end of the conflict. Whatever our views, whatever our race and for differing reasons most of us would agree that this is one of the biggest single events in our lives.

I've observed how the Lankanosphere has reacted to things with a high degree of interest and fascination as well. It's a fact that computers, blogs, the internet and technology are all becoming more accessible to more people by the minute, yet it's also a fact that those of us who currently communicate through these means are probably the more privileged members of society.

For me it's important to remember that, whether it's my opinion, VIC's, David Blacker's or whoever's, we're of a social strata that can afford to blog. We're not IDPs, nor are we likely to be the brave lower level serving soldiers, though DB was of course.

One of the things I've noticed is the different trends in the posts and reactions according to where the blogger concerned is situated. It makes perfect sense and, despite what I was trying to say above, that we're not necessarily representative of anything other than the Sri Lankan blogosphere, I wonder how much these geographical differences represent the views of Sri Lankans in general.

It seems that the bloggers who have been writing with total euphoria, total celebration and unadulterated joy are, for the most part, those who currently live in Sri Lanka. Remember those venn diagrams from school at this point, I'm not saying that all the bloggers who are Lankan based have been like that, I'm saying that all, or most, of the ones writing like that have been Lankan based. There's a big difference.

VIC has published a lot in recent days, he continues to be a dichotomy. He writes intelligent and well thought out bits that I agree with on one hand, then insults people who disagree with him on the other, or attempts to. He remains a bloke I'd love to meet and have a drink with, just to see what's he really like. I have an issue of credibility with him in that I can't take some of his good stuff that seriously when he's so blinkered in other ways. His talk about being positive, constructive and forward looking is bang on the money though, in my humble opinion.

Over on Lanka Libertarian Sitting Nut is all too predictable. He's so smart and so clever that he manages to write in the style of a permanent rant. One of his comments in reply to Dinidu says:

"...your low iq still in evidence. you do not say( in spite of repeated requests ) what you would have done with ltte but preach to ppl who answer that and act on their view. that is low contemptible intelectiual dishonesty. pure and simple. do your parents know that they have given birth to a mentally challenged knave? grow a brain if you can and then be honest . otherwise go comment in places where such low idiotic lies are tolerated as in indi padshow's cocoon ..."

I couldn't insult people like that if I tried. Then again I wouldn't want to, I far prefer to attempt intelectiual (sic) conversation and exploration of new thoughts and ideas than writing like I'm a kid stamping my feet and shouting with some poo stuck in my pants.

Some people have been asking what I consider as reasonable and genuine questions about the victory.

Ravana asks the question "Should we be celebrating?" and answers by quoting the opinions of several people on the current situation. It's an insightful post, one of Ravana's typical ones that will languish casually and pick up lots of comments in time to come.

Indi has bunged out a chunk of insightful posts too in recent days. There's not one that sticks out because they're all good, accompanied by photographs and video of quite literally the word on the street. In between all the action he went to prison too. What a guy. He's the Bruce Wayne of Sri Lanka, without the money, looks and car. Well, he's got a car but it's not a Batmobile. I think it might be a Toyota.

Jerry, him of the sort of beautiful, not quite insane mine, has been perving over pregnant women on the bus, then pretending that it's all to do with the conflict. We're not fooled by you Jerry, you can't get away with this bus groping and chest staring stuff that easily. I'm not a fan of his line

"Dark skin. Prime suspect, if previous bombers are to be considered"

but I'm a big fan of Jerry's writing in general. He's funny in a sophisticated way, like me, except I don't have the wit. Or the sophistication.

One of my favourites is this bundle of words written by the Gyppo girl. She's the whipped cream of the Lankanosphere, just with a devilishly tempting shot of whisky thrown in for a kick.

It seems that those who live in Lanka have exhaled, and are exhaling, massively. Natural behaviour if you've been involved on a day to day basis in everything over the years. I think the sense of jubilation must be greater the nearer you are to the centre of things. The diasporic members of the Lankanosphere are mostly exhaling too, but in a less intense and far more consciously controlled way.

There's still a sense of euphoria but it's covered in a tint of "that's great, now let's see". I don't think this is pessimism, some do. There are also people who live in Sri Lanka who are taking a similar wait and see approach, but with optimistic hopes. The subtle difference that I see is that the "locals" are more involved in the immediate joy of the conflict ending than the diaspora.

T, in her very eloquent way has written a couple of posts that mirror the thoughts of many. The first one, written on Monday, is interesting considering events since then. The second, entitled "Blind Faith" finishes with the line

"A nation at its loudest
Isn't always a nation at its wisest"

But T has it centre justified and in italics, which I resolutely refuse to do ever. It's a little bit of wisdom for sure.

On ViceUnVersa DD's gone and written some poetry. It's always a dodgy move this poetry writing lark, DD manages to get away with it because he puts in a lot of "fuck", "bollocks" and other hideously insulting language that makes things edgy. He's clever like that. He even has rhythm and structure to his poetry. Smartarse.

Even Kalusudda's weighed in with a political type post, unusual for him but interesting too.

There have been two posts that would have won the award for post of the week, maybe even the month, maybe the century, if I'd had one.

The first, which you've probably read is David Blacker's one here. It's so brilliantly written that it will bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye. My powers of the written whatsername won't do it justice so I can only urge you to read it.

The second is this one by Cynical Sach. There's a delicious irony in the fact that this journalist has managed to say what so many people are thinking, what so many have failed to portray through words.

In a picture.

Apart from that, well it's all been pretty quiet really.
I'll round off with something that I reckon sums things up for me. It's the simple fact that many are mistaking the concept of the military victory against the LTTE with that of long term harmony and peace.
I hope that the former leads to the latter.

Good weekend all.



Gypsy said...

I am awaiting the onslaught of comments you'll be getting for this one ;)

And I loved my bit. Yay! Thank you, oh R with the big... ahem. Never mind.


Gypsy said...

Oh, and as for you last sentiment - well said. And I hope so too.

Jerry said...

I know it sounds like stereotype theatre, but well, face it, you don't see many light skinned bombers, and this sentence has too many commas.

Kalusudda said...

Oops, looks like there is more. I was reading too much about those people who were criticizing SL, the big boys like Miliband, Kouchner and realized these are bunch of hollow people. They want to punish MR by blocking aid to SL, in turn doing more wrong to those kids in IDP camps and affecting the whole country. I don't care if they go and hold people accountable for breaking Geneva conversion's guidelines, as long as they do to everyone. Not picking and choosing some third world countries. Anyway I will not be good at those as my writing sucks. I think I will stick to equations.

Sachini said...

thanks for the shout-out yo ;)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Gyppo - Pleasure - Let's see!

Jerry - Very true, way, too many, commas

KS - We hardly recognise you these days!

Sach - No probs, is it true that a certain poet broke his leg in 2 places trying to stage this pic for you?

Rehani said...

Been a lurker for a while, but never cared to comment. Lemme join here :-)
I disagree with you. Just see my post here

sittingnut said...

first the appreciations.
thanks rd for hinting with so much civility about my spelling and grammar mistakes. i totally agre(sic) with anyone who says rd is perfect when it comes to those . after all as bible says it wouldn't to do to see the speck in other's eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye.
thanks also for quoting me,
but since you include the typos why don't you include the formatting? i think that helps.
and in fact why don't you link to the actual comment or post? that would be the correct thing to do. esp to provide context, (and you did that for others linking to particular posts concerned). but maybe it is too much to ask you to be honest when it comes to me ?
here is the link ( if it gets through moderataion.) to the actual comment for those who do not follow the link. here is the context between dinidu de alwis and i-
he published a blog post attacking me with some alleged quotes by me which were never made by me. when questioned he deleted it and his old blog ( altogether. in spite of my repeated requests he has failed to provide an explanation for that hit and run incident .
that is how he acts

in the thread used by rd here, someone posted a comment posing as dinidu and linking to that old url. dinidu informed me by email that it was not him and requested me that i delete it . i did . but provided an explanation since i do not delete comments unless there is clear case of impersonation.
that is how i act.

when later he himself posted a comment ( you can read it in the link ), as he has done in other threads of my blog, i did attack him as he deserves. ppl are free to decide whether i should or should not treat him with any civility .

one thing for sure, at least i did not request ppl i don't like, be banned, as a narrow minded bigot who also drums did. i say what i feel honestly and when i attack someone i do have facts to back my claims. i loath hypocrisy.

here is an exchange recently in this blog

The Benevolent Dictator said,
You're beyond redemption. Fucktard.

Rhythmic Diaspora said ,
Mr Dictator
You speak with wisdom!

hypocrisy anyone?

paperboy said...

Latest in Lankanosphere. The Drummer gets pwnd by the Nut. Will there be a rematch? Tune into next Show, sponsored by [Want your ad here? Then apply now!].

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

that's a great guide to recent posts; i followed the links, and got a lot of them.
On your main point, on location framing responses to the end of war, yes it does. Those of us who live in Sri Lanka, and have a life here, really value the hope of peace and better deal for the country, really. I think there are those in diaspora who also value that, but for many what happens here doesn't affect them positively. some times its negativity that helps them, cos it makes getting permanent migration papers easier. sad and sick, but its true.