Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Of The Moment

A bit of a stunner this one. Mr S once told me that when he takes a photograph he looks all around the viewfinder, to ensure that nothing unwanted appears in the final image and that everything wanted does. This is one of those images, where every big and little element in it makes the picture. From the greenery in the foreground to the detail in the brickwork behind and the greenish hues in the bricks.

And he ignores the whole rule of thirds thing and goes and chucks the woman's head bang smack in the middle of the frame. The cheek of it!

I reckon this Sansoni lad could go far with his photography.


Kalusudda said...

Rules are made to keep you caged! The wise escapes them without breaking any! Dom always makes you wonder, in awe! (Is that the same thing?)

Angel said...

Wow... really cool pic.

Anonymous said...

He gets it from his mother. She in her teens would take off in the wee hours of the morning with a canvas on balanced on her head and return after dark full of sketches. She is an amazing woman.