Monday, May 11, 2009

RD Towers - The Final Stages

This is the state of play in the new pad at somewhere between week four and five. I'm highly pleased with the way things have turned out and, with the exception of a few very minor things, everything's done and in place now. I'm waiting on one of these island things to be delivered, to go in the centre of the kitchen with some trendy stools. It will be the dining table and hopefully the general sitting around and eating area.

I felt slightly anxious that I might have overdone the matching side of things, what with the wall hanging and the cushion, from a little shop on the Galle Road just near Bambalapitya that I know. But, in a I'm too interior designer for my own good sort of way I think it works and the red splashes in the wall hanging and the cushions go nicely with the red settee (compact).

I've decided that for now, against the advice of the good Lady D, I won't put a rug underneath the coffee table. I feel as if it might clutter things up a bit too much, particularly with the drum mat underneath the drum kit, which is necessary but takes away some of the clean lines of the nice wooden floor.

I had a big stroke of luck concerning the cushion covers too. The wall hanging is old and is one of a pair that hung at the top and bottom of a staircase in my former family home. The other one of the pair languishes in a cupboard here as again I think it would be too much in this small place. But, the cushions I bought about six months ago with the intention of using them when I got my nice new place.

Only I'd totally forgotten that I had bought them and stumbled across them while searching through some boxes last week, looking for that missing Sri Lankan cookery book, which I've now found as well.

I opened a box in one of my Dad's garages and found six of these so gorgeous Barefoot covers that match the wall hanging, which I never really expected to gain custody of. I had ordered the red settee with no thoughts about the cushion covers and the ever so tasteful red splashes.

It's all come together quite harmoniously I think. I'm aware that's it's a bit masculine and quite minimal but I'm enjoying the place, the relaxing and chilling in it, so much that contentment is close.

As I type this I'm sitting on the planter's chair watching boats and barges cruise by on the Thames on a lazy Sunday evening. Nice.

Happy Monday all.


Sachintha said...

Actually, I do like the minimalistic look.
It gives a spacious feeling...

Anonymous said...

nothing original RD. This is like a neat minimalistic pad of any chic.

nothing breathtaking.

A pity.

PseudoRandom said...

I love your place!!!! Not just your kitchen any more :S

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - Thanks, I also think the place is way too small to have loads of things cluttering it up.

Anon - As usual thanks for your wisdom!

Pseudo - Glad you like it, as you've read, so do I. Have anice day out in academia!

Kalusudda said...

Looking great! I like the wall hanging and I see the red on the cushion covers! Very nice!!
(I was wondering how does your neighbors react to your drumming?)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks KS.

It's not very obvious from looking at these pics but the kit is my practice kit and it's electronic, so quite neighbour friendly. I wear headphones while I'm playing and hear through them, the only noise hard externally is the sound of the sticks hitting a mesh head on each drum. The biggest sound is from the bass drum but even that's still quite unobtrusive.

Luckily for me it's the underground car park directly underneath me, otherwise it might be a bit of a problem for anyone living underneath.

Gallicissa said...

This looks very neat, RD.

Kalusudda said...

Thanks RD, I thought so but was not sure. Even though I do the same, I have my keyboard (Korg Triton, old I know), which I also use for my drumming, yes reprogrammed with real sample libraries) and Bass living in the basement.