Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Luv Wimmin'

....but you can't beat the real thing.

....particularly the front crawl and the back stroke

....but I could never eat a whole one

Why the sudden gush of girl love RD?

The other day I spoke to three women I'm very fond of. They're all stylish, sexy and intelligent and I'm lucky enough to consider them all good friends.

One is an old friend who I don't speak to or see enough. I rang her, we had a long, long chat and then arranged to meet up.

Another is a newer but still good friend who called me unexpectedly. We had a brief yet enjoyable chat. Stimulating stuff.

The last one?

Aha. My secret, sort of.

But the thing is that they all made me smile inside.

And outside.



Kalusudda said...

Looks like your antennae are working alright! but getting used to different strokes could be hard on your body unless of course you too were trained like me :) (alright I already know I said the wrong words somewhere)

Anonymous said...

ewwww, expressions of man love by KS ??? Run RD Run.

Mr. Hachi Roku said...

what's going on over here? ;) Nothing like a nice conversation with an intelligent woman who knows how to flirt in the most subtle fashion.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...
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Electra said...

Nothing certain yet, but I might come to London in July. Let's hope I can wrangle a visa out of the Brits. Small victories and whatnot.

The question is, is this comment relevant to this post or not?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Electra - that's for us to know and them to find out!

Anonymous said...

are you sure all three women were intelligent?