Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RD Completed The...

"Which quiz are you" quiz with the result brilliant in a compared to a quiz way.

You are the quiz that gives you an answer along the lines of exactly what you'd like to hear about yourself anyway.

You're (insert swear word) intelligent and (insert long not often used word) witty with the precise brilliant and admirable characteristics that you told us you want others to see you as anyway.

You're confident but feel a need to take quizzes way too often. Your results in one of these quizzes will always be good and positive. That way we can ensure you forward the quiz to all your "friends", most of whom you've never actually met or spoken to, but they'll probably buy the products that we "intelligently" advertise to them.

You're often misunderstood and undervalued and anything else that applies to almost everyone in the world.

You have access to the internet and a Facebook account.

You feel quite pleased with yourself after reading the results now don't you?


ViceUnVersa said...

You ok?
:) x

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hello DD - I'm spiffingly well thanks, just wrote that in a moment of getting annoyed with all these Facebook quizzes. GM2U2 - Gig tomorrow if you fancy it.

Sachintha said...

We both seems to have had enough of FB quizzes within the same week!

Been quite busy and only just catching up on what's been going on Kottu - or Kottucatchupiness, as you termed it!

So seems you've had a good vacation eh?
Me too looking forward very much to the summer vacations.