Thursday, June 18, 2009

RD Is A Poof

After that last but one post I thought I'd have a look at this Twitter thing.

Well, you know how it is, how these things happen, don't you?

I only intended to look around and see what all the fuss is about but sometimes a chap can't help it. There I was, reading about Dinidu's Aunt or someone and, before I could say Britney I'd chosen a user name and created myself an account.

It's brought me closer to Stephen Fry, which is a good thing. In only a day I've become a Twitter convert, hopefully not in a manner that will stop me writing blog posts. I mean hopefully from my point of view, not necessarily your one.

I'm thinking about who I should follow apart from friends and family now.

A, the daughter, has reacted predictably pissedoffishly to me following her. It seems that it's fine for her to be followed by Yoko Ono but not so fine for her Dad to do the same.

A, C, K and me were talking about it last night and I was amazed, as I often am, by something said by K. She casually told us that she's set up a Twitter account but doesn't use it yet. She did it "just in case" Twitter got really popular, so that she'd be ready for the revolution, so to speak.

It's under my real name too. No biggie but it's a possible closing of circle thing. You more than likely know the name, feel free to follow if you desire. I can't promise anything spectacular, no onslaught of witty little snippets of messages or anything, but it's there if you want.

The weather's nice, the day is beginning and things look sunny all around.

Ooops, sorry, wrong medium.

So I'm a poof, according to DB.



Anonymous said...

people always knew u were a 1st class POOF ! Glad u realized it now !

Gypsofactum 12 said...

Well you know what they say - don't knock it till you try it.

Twitter is the medium of revolution in Iran -- that says it all really.

Lovely to have you on board, R.

Gypsofactum 12 said...

Btw, I wonder if DB feels that hundreds of thousands of Iranian citizens are "poofs"...

David Blacker said...

Ha ha.

Dinidu said...

Echoing Gypster. Twitter has been a lifeline for the protests. Plus all the cool kids like Gyps and I do it :)

David Blacker said...

Yes, all poofs -- Iranians, Chinese, gypsies.

ViceUnVersa said...

Mate with all due respect:

Stephen Fry on Twitter?

Nuff said...

The primary question in today's recessed world for all media and advertising agency owners - How can we make money on the Internet?

'I facebooked your mum' said a tee in Camden market and another 'Fuck Google, Ask me'.

The new i-phone is out today I wonder what awaits us next in the social networking world wide web.

Or is it already out there and it's not Twitter?

Much love and have a great weekend RD,

A 3rd World
(Previously known as DD)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

The blogger formerly known as DD - I won't hear a word said against Stepehen Fry, even from you, he's a legend as far as I'm concerned.

I do think there are many negatives to this highly social networked world we find ourselves in, but am also fascinated by the positives, the way we can communicate with people and interract with others with whom it never would have been possible not so long ago.

Good weekend to U2 DD

Anonymous said...

Isn't a poof something you sit on?