Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Temporary Service Interruption

I'm having a jolly nice break.

C's over here, the weather's sunny and the river's looking good. I've got the week off and am doing all sorts of good things. Tonight I may just cook a beef and potato curry, one of my favourites.

Then, on Friday we're going to Paris for the weekend on the Eurostar. London is just excellent at this time of year, hopefully Paris will be too.

So things at LLD are a bit quieter than usual.

Like the boy I am, I'm seriously looking forward to the train journey.

Back soon, with tales of gay Paris, trains, London and sunny weather.



Anonymous said...

Oh, jolly. Let us hope that you like Paree and decide to stay on and embrace the whole culture and learn French and blog in French.

That way I can basically say "nope, I do not read French" and stop having to read this.

On a bright note may you have a super, duper holiday and pray do stay on till the end of this month there.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks Anon.

Gallicissa said...

Have a good one RD!

Kalusudda said...

Hi RD, have a wonderful time. I am sure you will light up Paris. Yes I too love train rides! Have a good one!

Rehani said...

Good 4 U RD. Happy 4 U. Have a nice time !! Will miss yr posts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a super romantic place I hear! Have a memorable time!!


Lady divine said...

looking forward to some great posts after that..:)
Have fun and be safe!!!!:)

maf said...

say hi to C (she knows me..) and that I am currently in Singapore.. enjoy paree and do something french like a throw a molotov cocktail, throw milk on the road or something or at least say you are on strike

David Blacker said...

Or you could be really French and run away from the Germans.

Yeah the Eurostar ride's fun. My only visit to the UK was on it back in '98.