Friday, July 18, 2008

I Look Like This!!

Pic by Dominic Sansoni (honestly)

Last day at work means lots of things to be done. But, tomorrow I'll be heading your way, your way if you're in Colombo, not Alaska.

Am I excited? Yep

Am I apprehensive and nervous? Yep, too bloody right. First time away with two (almost) teenage girls.

Have I packed? Nope

Chaarmax asked what we look like. Well that's me. If you see me say hello. Obviously it's a false nose in the picture though.

Who'd have a real one like that?


Anonymous said...

I am having acidity with all the envy people on holiday are giving me!Hubby and son will be in cmb next week too!I'm starting have fumes coming out of my mouth....grrr!!!

ViceUnVersa said...

Hey RD

Please do rub it in to those of us who are enjoying the wonderful British summer!

Nice pix and what happened to that band pix we were promised?

Have a wonderful time in Sri Lanka! If you do meet Davy, give the love child my love.

Tc, d.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indyana - I'll look out for your hubby and son!

D - Thanks, I shall pass on your love if I see the fellow. Band pix may be posted after my return.

David Blacker said...

RD, I mailed you my number, so gimme a buzz.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

David - Yes, got it, sorry forgot to reply. Will be in touch ASAP.

Gallicissa said...

RD, Pack some rain gear.
have a safe journey!

Dinidu said...

I still wonder as to what C saw in you... Hey! That rhymes! C-saw... Like, see-saw!

Anonymous said...

Quite hip and happening.. I must say.. :)