Monday, July 7, 2008

Orgasms, That 23rd Mile And Living In The Now

Mr Lullaby's post about the 23rd mile set me off on a train of thought. I quite like his blog, but it doesn't take much to set me off on a train of thought these days either.

Some time ago I was glancing through a sex manual, one of those text books that teaches you how to do sex, the most natural thing in the world, apart from farting at the end of a pee (if you're a man). I don't need a sex manual of course, it's a bit like a solo pilot reading a book on how to fly commercial aircraft. Even though my flying is mostly solo these days I'd like to think that I'm qualified to fly with passengers.

I turned to the page about the female orgasm. Well it wasn't so much a page as a whole chapter, but I turned to it anyhow. It told me some fascinating facts, like the fact that there are three different types of female orgasm. On paper I now know how to help a woman achieve each one. On a bed it's an entirely different matter.

One of the common themes running through this chapter was that couples who are focussed on orgasms, climaxes, popping the cork or whatever you choose to call it often create problems for themselves. Why Rhythmic? I hear you ask. Well Dinidu, it's like this.

It's because they put so much time and effort into the big O, their minds are so focussed on it that they forget to enjoy the experience. The principle running through the chapter was that if a couple enjoy the journey they'll invariably get to the destination.

This information works on many levels. If you're a chap or a girl who likes to partake in a bit of hide the sausage now and again then it's useful to remember it. Relax, enjoy the foreplay and all that kissing stuff that women like. Maybe if you're an adventurous guy, you can do things with their breasts, perhaps prod them or something. Then, when the ship finally comes into harbour, you can both feel that the voyage has been an enjoyable event in its own right. It makes it far more likely that you'll drop anchor and that the harbour will enjoy it too.

But, as a metaphor for living life it works too. As Brandon says

"As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to stop focussing on the next mile and start enjoying the walk. I know I will…"

That's the thing, as we say in Sri Lanka.

Plan for the future, do things that will help tomorrow, but enjoy today as well. Go to the Taj Mahal and have a wonderful and enlightening time but also enjoy the journey, look out of the window and marvel at the scenery.

Somewhat ironically I've got a book called "The Power of Now" at home. It's about enjoying the moment, enjoying today and living today. The irony is that I haven't had time to read it yet. I'll do it tomorrow.

As for the orgasm thing a very sexy woman once told me that they get better with age.

Enjoy today, tomorrow's going to be even better.


Dinidu said...

Does C know that you're reading up on how to have sex?

I've been saying the same thing to a lot of people in my life, in non-sexual contexts. Sometimes people are so focused on life's orgasms, they completely forget the foreplay. And if the cork doesn't pop, so to speak, then they get highly disappointed. Good life advise you're giving here...

By the way, did five poopies yesterday. Thought you'd be proud of me for that.. Just letting you know...

sach said...

haha read this just before I left for the exam and it made my day so thank you :) loved the pilot simile and of course the tiny dig at Dinidu. lol

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - Thanks and good luck in the exam.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dinidu

C bought him the book!

Ok she didnt. Though given he is only a man, I reckon he only read about the female orgasm on the contents page... and is blagging about reading the chapter.