Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Thong Leads To Another

I've kind of abandoned the whole thong / necklace thing, for now at least. The buzzword around Rhythmic Towers these days is "minimal" and I mean that in a minimal way.

After building up a necklace collection that had rapidly become the envy of every necklace collector in town I've decided that they're not me. Subtlety is far better than poncing around with elasticated beads, wet collars and mildly high powered meetings in which I spend most of my time thinking that I should have worn a tie which would have meant that my collar would have been done up and the necklace wouldn't have showed.

This taking jewellery on and off business isn't me either. And the absolute final straw was that, after my gig on Thursday evening, I was talking to an eleven year old kid, a nice enough fellow who had enjoyed the music fest that had unfolded before him tremendously, so much so that he had asked me for an autographed drumstick, which had forced me to hurriedly decide on an autograph, and said kid was wearing the very same necklace as I was. Not the actual same necklace, or we would have looked some sort of Siamese necklace twins, but the same model of necklace so to speak.

He was a nice friendly kid, at eleven they usually are, it's in about a year's time that it goes pear shaped, but I didn't want to look like him. You may be interested to know too that I went for and imaginative "Rhythmic" as the autograph, I thought it was a nice touch, though it was my real name not "Rhythmic" that appeared. Come on now, a drummer signing sticks with that name would have made me look like a total wanker.

Yesterday morning saw me busily buying a bracelet. I'm now the proud wearer of a nice brown woven leather thong, but on my wrist this time. There are no necklaces in sight, apart from that pile of them over there on the dressing table, no rings on my fingers, no nothing. It's just the bracelet and my watch.

This is the way forward.

Well, this week's way.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you thonging away! I don't much care about jewelry other than this gold chain my mother put on me years ago, (a real nice almost invisible one) and my weakness, watches. Keep us entertained with further thongs...

Java Jones said...

Hey RD - don't know about now, but in the 70s, in the USA (in California, anyway) a leather band on one of the wrists (not sure which one), meant that the wearer was a fist-fucker!!

Seriously! So be 'observant'!!!