Monday, July 28, 2008

That Was Quick

Here I am, back at my desk. Again. There are stories aplenty to regale you with, from the one about the dog poo and the lamprais to the one about the annoying Indian family on the plane back.

They'll come later.

For now I must tell you about my concern on the return flight. Prior to leaving my hotel I read the Sunday papers. One of the articles was the story that madeinsrilanka blogs about here. I didn't pay more than passing attention to it until we had boarded the plane and the pilot did his introduction bit. For he had a distinctly European accent, probably Dutch, but maybe German.

Could this have been a case of incredible Sri Lankan efficiency? That the chap had been found out, sacked and dealt with and was now working his notice period. Stranger things have happened, some of them actually happened last week, so it wouldn't have been that surprising.

Fortunately I have friends in high places. I contacted an old friend, a Doctor no less. who told me this:

" As soon as this was discovered the pilot was removed from his duties. There is no danger to the public. This is only the 15th 17th time this sort of thing has ever happened in the history of aviation and we are confident all is under control. Fellows masquerading around with false qualifications will not be tolerated here."



Bea said...

welcome back - hope the weather in londa is better than the west country - its chucking down!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks Bea, it's actually better here than it was in CMB yesterday morning!