Friday, July 4, 2008

Interesting Blogs And Coffee And Tea.

There are a select few blogs that I can rely upon to give me inspiration, to fire something up in me. There are other blogs that I read and enjoy, but more as an observer than a participant. I wonder if that makes sense to you or if it's just me that thinks like that.

Chaps like Indi, David Blacker and Ravana continually make me think about stuff. Not all the time, if it was all the time I would have used the word "continously", but at least on a regular basis. They write posts that stir me, that make me think about tangential aspects of their subject, posts that hang around in my head for days, maybe weeks after I've read them.

Even now I recollect David Blacker's post called Cologne Again, for its vivid language, the way it made me feel and its outstanding title. Indi has a way of writing that draws the reader in, a bit edgy and a bit poignant. Maybe it's because he's been reading Otara's mail too much.

There are other blogs I read with interest. I follow them almost religiously and I hang on to their every word, but they don't inspire me. They don't make me argue with myself and don't set me off on a tangent. They're still good, they're still captivating but they're different. Maybe, by writing about them here, I'm proving myself wrong because they have made me think. Damn, mirrors looking at mirrors can get confusing.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I often write a post after getting the idea from another blog. Cerno's masterpiece of a blog is probably my biggest source of inspiration. He has a knack of writing about things that we all think about but we don't pay much attention to. Then, he chucks out a post and suddenly we're all thinking about the subject. His post on Kalusudda, the new blogger with the new twist, reflected some of my thoughts on the chap. I was actually about to write a post on KS and his blog when Cerno published his.

But Cerno's recent post on coffee is the one that inspired me to write this one. For some time the thoughts have been flying, or swimming, around my head.

Here in England tea drinking is a national pastime. I love a good cup of Rosy, every work morning it's the first thing that I taste. Maybe the fourth thing if you include toothpaste, mouthwash and a stray bit of mens' moisturiser, but my point remains a valid one.

But during the average day I drink a mixture of coffee and tea, not a mixture of course, but a mixture, and it's governed by nothing more than the mood I'm in at the time.

"Do want a coffee or tea Rhythmic?" someone at work will ask.

I look at them with scorn, that scorn we employers reserve for employees, then answer. My answer is invariably a "yes". The details about whether it's coffee or tea are entirely variable. Yet other people, most of them at least, always drink the same thing. Gaz, one of my partners, always drinks coffee. The girls in the office always drink the same drink.

I'm wondering if it's a British thing. My parents are the same as me. Correction. I am the same as my parents. Yet so many Brits only drink one or the other, always sticking to their preferred choice of delicious warm brown beverage and staying away from the other evil one as if it was poison flavoured with invisible whole cardamons.

What about you?

Coffee, tea, either or both?


Sasani said...

Either tea, coffee or hot chocolate ooor some weird combination of those :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Thank you about mentioning my excuse for a blog. Answer to your question, mine is coffee. My father loves coffee and his pipe and my mother drinks tea, a lot. Since I got my house and house mate who is Japanese, I drink green tea at dinner. But dark tea is not my cup.

David Blacker said...

Well, when I lived with my parents, I drank what they drank. No one really asked me what I wanted. So it was coffee in the morning, tea at er teatime, and Milo or something in the night.

In the Army, I never even saw coffee, except for those tiny one-serve Nescafe sachets that came with our patrol rations.

Now that I'm my own man, I only drink coffee and scorn tea. Unless there's no coffee available. Then I'll drink tea while thinking about coffee.

PS: I'm glad I'm inspiring you, machang. I must say that your writing's very good, and occasionally brilliant. The one you wrote about driving over the kerb was one of your best, and had me smiling all day. Cheers

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

David - Only brilliant occasionally?

Thanks though.

Darwin said...

Neither :) Hot chocolate if given the option.

Anonymous said...

Believe you me "Occasionally" is actually generous praise from Mr. Blacker! :)

I actually cracked up on the kerb one too. Your debonair humour sometimes comes in flashes? (No offence meant).

Coffee always works for me. Especially in the morning when sitting in my porcelain pinnacle. Nothing moves without that first sip of coffee and the drag on the ciggie!