Thursday, October 16, 2008

Most Ghost Posts And Erotic Blog Mirrors

I got into work yesterday morning and went through my usual routine. A strange choice of words that really isn't it? "Usual routine". Well, a routine can hardly be unusual, or can it?

But I was surprised to see two blog posts, one by Kalusudda and one by Cerno, both of which were listed but not available. They're back now and you've probably read them already but what exactly happened to them in this twilight period? Were they stolen by hackers? Did the esteemed writers withdraw them to make changes as they were unhappy with the content? Hmmm... these things bother me.

And also, what happens when I write a post that mentions Kalusudda? If he reads it and comments on it then I assume he might mention the fact on his blog. Then we could end up caught in some kind of blogging version of a hall of mirrors. Comment, post, comment, post backwards and forwards like a tennis match, only with no viewers. It could get mad.

Today is a gig night, the past week has been a gig and music week of variety and enjoyment and I've got several blog posts stored in draft draft draft mode.

Draft mode is when I've written a post and saved it in blogger as a draft. Draft draft mode is when I've jotted down some vague plan, a mindmap or just some words on a bit of paper somewhere. Draft draft draft mode is when I've had an idea and it hasn't escaped outside the confines of my head.

And in the Rhythmic head, in that very vague way, are three separate posts linked by music and gigs. There's one about going to see the Ting Tings last Thursday. It was a brilliant gig, in a brilliant pop / rock fun gig type of way. I suspect Aretha Franklin won't be feeling threatened by the girl's singing abilities and I don't think Taylor Hawkins will be worried about the drum throne in the Foos suddenly being filled by the Ting Tings bloke. But, they were superb and the bloke could drum rings round me any day.

Then there's the post about the gig the day after. This was Billy Cobham and Asere, who many Sri Lankan readers may have seen at WOMAD in Lanka. The contrast between the two gigs on consecutive nights couldn't have been greater. Watching Mr Cobham and Asere was like a religious experience for me. As Academic Bro pointed out this may have been partly because it was in an old church. I met Mr Cobham, got my picture taken with him and couldn't help acting like a teenage girl meeting Justin Timberland or one of the cast of High School Musifuckingcal. It was all I could do to get some words out of my mouth instead of just dribble.

The last one in draft to the power of three mode is about my own music.

There's been a band practice on Monday in which I had to play softly. Playing softly for a drummer is surprisingly hard. Well, it's hard to make things feel good when the drums are played softly at least. We ran through the set for tonight's gig and there'll be four new songs to be played in all their splendour.

I'm excited about the gig. The place should be pretty full with punters and we're now a good band. My drums have got new heads on them and look clean and sparkly too.

And all of these posts my still come out at some point in the near future.

But, as a last thought can you imagine what would happen if Soixante Neuf ever slept with Kinkypinky?

The effect on the Sri Lankan blogosphere would be slightly massive wouldn't it? I shiver at the thought of the posts, the comments and the excitement that would result.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about Cerno but mine was intensional. Just to tease those souls who followed erotic strings that supposed to end up orgasmic physics tendencies. But the work "erotic" brought in more than 100 people yesterday and most of them came from your site!