Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo Of The Moment

Browsing through the blog of Gallicissa, or Amila Salgado, is always an experience that stimulates several of my senses. He writes interesting words and tells a good tale, comes across as a nice guy and he takes photographs that are simply wicked.

The only choice I had to make in the photo of the moment thing this time was which of Amila's beautiful pictures to choose. His macro work is jam packed with the brightest of colour and the most vivid detail. I could have chosen any one of his pictures of scary things and you probably would have gasped, though you've probably seen them all already.

Instead I chose this little beauty.


Well I could attempt to wax lyrically about the silhouette, the birds that are either landing or taking off. I could write some poetically challenged words about the tuk tuk and how Sri Lankan it looks, about the slight obstruction just in front of the tuk tuk that I can't figure out. I could even tell you how I'd love to take a picture this good just once in my life.

But no, forget all that flowery stuff.

What I will tell you is that, when I look at this photograph, it makes me feel as if I want to poo.

And I mean a nice poo.

That's how absofuckinglutely fanfuckingtastic it is.

Thanks Amila.


Soixante Neuf said...


I have been the world's worst stalker. But hello again :)

It's nice to know some things never change. You are still as hilarious as ever. And you are still addicted to writing posts about poo. Or things that make you want to poo.

I have to say, although the photo doesn't arouse that particular sensation in me, it IS pretty breakthtaking.

Cheers :)


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

6 - I must admit I had given up on you as a stalker. Thanks for the nice words as ever and I hope you're feeling okay these days.


Gallicissa said...

Wow, RD! I am as blushed as a Red-faced Malkoha at this moment!
Pardon my French, but...
Merci Boku!

Anonymous said...

GI does make his statements!, all the time! I like this photo a lot.