Friday, October 3, 2008

The Only Real Pie Chart


noorie said...


There's a blog post missing! Where did it go? I was thinking abt it the whole day and chuckling to myself cos of your funnies.

I skipped along to say that I used to totally measure inflation according to the price of smokes. But now its the price of bread. Kadey and Prima variety.

AND I totally have spent quite a few years (literally) looking at the 3 prawn thing, but never really trying them out as well. I can't figure it out, cos I love prawns per se. But never got around to actually eating one of those? It's weird.

Ok. That was a bit repetitive! :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Noorie - sorry about that, I was testing something out and published that post by mistake, it will be back soon. You were probably the only person to have read it.

ViceUnVersa said...

Hello, nice looking pie BTW! DD

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer it , when he doesn't write.

noorie said...

Well anon dearest. Why come here in the first place then?????

Smart bugger really.

ViceUnVersa said...

Keep on truckin RD, er.. writing I mean. My Sunday mornings are usually spent in your company reading your snippets of what I call 'debonair sarcasm' and sometimes just plain crazy! :)
You are my favourite (and of course in a very macho Jameson and Camelot Cigars manner).