Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Advice For Dinidu

I read this post by Dinidu, all about being an activist, the different types of activist and why he wants to be one.

I guess, like most of us, I feel quite paternal towards Dinidu. Well most of us apart from those who feel maternal towards the fellow. And I have some advice for him about this activist business. I hope he listens to me and takes me seriously.

Don't do it Dinidu.

The world of activism may seem glamorous and full of rich rewards, indeed full of rich people, but they're the exception. I guess young chaps like Dinidu can get taken in by the illusion and swallowed up by the images they see.

Well Dinidu it's not like that for most people in that world of activism.

We all see Daniel Craig as James Bond, Brad and Angelina and the Al Pacinos of the industry. They make millions and live the lifestyle, filling the pages of the glossy magazines and getting photographed everywhere they go. They get to sleep with each other, marry each other and then have celebrity divorces. Their tattoos are more famous and recognised than you and I am.

They make guest appearances in Friends and marry a cast member, they appear on the West End stage in a dodgy play just because they want to.

But they really are the tip of the iceberg.

Most activists struggle to make ends meet. They work in crappy jobs in between auditions for parts they'll never get. They do this until they're about forty, which is really fifty but they have to lie about their age, then they end up in a dead end job because they're too old.

So Din, do something worthwhile, like campaigning for the rights of underprivileged people. Perhaps use your intelligence and brain power to bring about social or political change.

Stop this idea of being a thespian immediately. It's not natural for a start.


A Virile Nagalingam said...

i asked mum if I could be an activist. She said, "only if you feel like playing terrorists of indeterminate origin on TV and, at the worst, a lifeless MFA-template character from a bengali-amrikan author's book.)

Anonymous said...

I second RD's thought's. Dinidu is too good to be acting! like most of those activists do!

DeeCee said...


d said...

OMG forgive my stupidity! I finally got what you were trying to say! ROFL only!!! He he...

But the idea of me winning oscars is too much to let go of no...

Dinidu said...

OMG! I finally got what you were saying with this! :) Bit slow these days I guess... Sorry men!!!

But the prospect of an oscar is too much to give up ne?