Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Of The Moment

I was poking around in the workings of LLD the other day, trying to find ways of brightening it up visually. I've often considered what makes a blog interesting to look at from a purely aesthetic angle, which is an angle greater than ninety degrees I believe.

One has to decide exactly where to draw the line between familiarity and innovationiveness (my word). For, on the one hand, people like to feel familiar with the look of a blog. I know this from my own feelings about the blogs I regularly read. It's comforting to feel that a blog, or the appearance of it, is like an old friend and that I know what I'm going to get.

But on the other hand some change is good, just not too drastic and too radical. I don't want to visit one of my regulars and have to hunt around everyday to find the new postion for the comment button, but I like an occasional new colour scheme or the blog equivalent of a new pair of jeans, but worn with old faded boots.

I digress. There I was, peering, perusing and pondering at the look of this blog. Shall I change the colour scheme? Should I do something more drastic and change the layout altogether? I experimented with a new feature I found by which I'm able to chuck a photograph behind the blog title. I don't know if you saw it but it didn't work for me. I thought it looked okay but slowed down the loading and meant that one had to scroll down almost a whole screen's worth to get to the first post. So that concept got fired, for the time being at least.

But the added bit of colour and light pushed some buttons within me, not the Britney or Jen buttons but other ones. They've resulted in my new little feature, one that I've cunningly called

"Photo Of The Moment".

It's a clever title, quite catchy and self explanatory. It's a photograph, of the moment. Whether that moment is the current hour, day or decade I'm just going to chuck images that I like up there. I started with one of my own, not because it's good or anything, just that I quite like it and I wanted to get the permission from proper photographers before I start to use their images.

The thing is that I intend to put up those pictures that give me that butterflies in the tummy feeling that a truly great photograph can do. It's not neccesarily about technically brilliant ones, more about an image that excites me. So, if you're a photographer who specialises in capturing images of drums, then you may be featured heavily.

That's it really, I just thought I'd tell you about it. The first "proper" one will be up in a day or two. I'll be interested to know anyone's thoughts on the idea. Also, what are your thoughts about changing the appearance of one of your regular blogs?

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