Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Ever wished for things to be how they used to be?

Then realised that things as they used to be wouldn't be that good now, because of what you know and what you have learnt.

So time travel is no use then. The only way to make things good is to look to the future and make things happen.



Johann said...

Very,very true.I am going through the same thing and realising that facts are indeed stubborn.

We usually hold as gold the past and forget that the present & the future is what we have while the past is all gone.

Ya,since very lately I have started living in the NOW! and the past, it was great, but the present and the future can be made to be very much better.

Time travel.....hmmm that might be a trip we might take only to correct our mistakes,but again if the mistakes were not made the lessons would not have been learnt.

Anonymous said...

things the way they used to be would be beautiful.. given that i still dont know if what i know is real.. at least he wouldnt be a gaping hole - the shape of which i used to love at one time and now avoid..

flacqcd (aka mala)

Electra said...

oh how very very true.

an eloquently written piece of truth that is pleasing to the soul and nice to hear.

thank you.