Friday, December 1, 2006

Not for girls

I live in a fairly typical British home that has a drive leading into a garage. The drive is perpendicular to the road and the garage is full of drums. I often reverse into my drive, if traffic on the road permits me to.

Something dawned on me lately. It's the fact that the act of reversing onto a drive is a peculiarly male act. Like flicking channels continually or saying "Yes, yes, yes, I'll do it" women just don't do it, do they?

Why is this? Am I wrong? Shall I ask some more questions? Why not?

Most men would agree with me that it's a practical and timesaving thing to do. It means that, when leaving, we gain a few extra seconds and do it with a bit more ease. These seconds are not life improving or in any way important. What do I do with mine? Bugger all really. I just get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I have been so smart and forward thinking.

I cannot think of a single woman I know that I have seen or I think I would ever see reversing into their own or any other driveway. In fact I can't even think of a married woman that would do it. I have to plead my defence here just in case I get attacked. I don't mean to be sexist. It's not something I feel is a negative generalisation, just a generalisation, which may be wrong anyway.

Maybe you ladies are not as hot on spatial intelligence as us men. Maybe you just aren't bothered or are not as proactive and as forward thinking as men. Maybe you think men who reverse into drives are sad specimens who should worry about bigger and better things (incredibly unlikely I know!).

The most likely answer is that you ladies just don't care.

What do you think. Or are you a woman who reverses?

STOP PRESS - Yesterday I saw a lady reversing into a parking space in a car park. To be honest she looked rather bewildered, like a rabbit caught in headlights. Arms were flapping all over the place and she didn't even put her left arm on the top of the passenger seat while reversing. Just thought I'd share that.


Angel Eyes said...

Good Grief !!!! What crazy things you observe and better yet you try to label All Ladies alike……….

As all five fingers are not alike neither are people alike. Some men and women may be good driver and some may not. Some men and women may reverse into their driveways and some may not.

But who the hell cares…
Aren’t there more important things to care about and observe in Life????

Well, just because a person reverses into their driveway you can’t label them as forward thinkers at all….

sach said...

Oh come on. You can't generalize like that! As of now I don't drive much but whenever I have to park I do reverse. And I'm definitely not the best driver in town at the moment. I know plenty of other women who reverse when they park and plenty of men who don't. :p So there.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Angel Eyes - I do observe strange things but I'm not trying to label all ladies alike at all. I apologise if you got that impression. I'm merely saying that this is something I have observed. As for "who the hell cares?", the answer is probably not that many people, but it's just a blog where I talk crap about my day to day musings most of the time anyway. I haven't seen you commenting around here before but I hope you stick around, just don't expect deep and meaningful stuff from me, I leave that to deep and meaningful people. I've just got into work and read all the rumours of another "incident" in CMB. Things like that and the situation in SL are things I care and worry about deeply, I just don't write about them.

Sach - One day I'll publish my list of generalisations of the sexes. Hand on heart I don't see them as being sexist because I don't think they are negative generalisations.

Darwin said...

I used to drive but I didn't have a driveway in the apartment I was staying at. I did reverse into parking spots though, so getting back home was easier! Does that still count?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ok Darwin, that counts. Just this once though!

S said...

Depends what the space I have to reverse in is line, eh? If my father didn't have his mate's car to babysit, I'd have space to reverse into the driveway!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

s - But if you had the space would you do it? Or would you drive in foreards?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

s - I meant forwards, which you probably realised

Nazreen said...

I never reverse into my gagarge, too anxious to come home, I think. Tiredness has something to do with it too.

I have no problems reversing out of my garage in the morning when I am off to work/ or on the school run.

However, i do reverse into parking spaces in parking lots. makes it much easier for a speedy getaway.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Damn - my theory isn't turning out to be quite as concrete as I had initially thought! I may have to rethink this.