Thursday, December 7, 2006


Last weekend there was a huge blaze in a fireworks warehouse somewhere in East Sussex. It was been all over the news here because of its size and the sad fact that a couple of firefighters were killed while fighting it.

On Monday morning I was driving into work and the news on the radio had a small article about it in which a local resident was interviewed. He said:

"There were loads of fireworks, it was massive, like a huge fireworks display, only about 100 times bigger."

I continued my journey, thinking to no one in particular.

Of course it was, it was a fucking fireworks warehouse, it was on fire. What did they expect? Tins of corned beef to come flying out of the place, or perhaps some of those bags that people use to carry their laptops in. That would have been unexpected, but fireworks exploding all weekend was probably pretty high up on the list of possibilities in the event of the average fireworks factory catching alight.

These things bemuse me.


Anonymous said...

i'm not entirely sure whether the blue hyperlinked lettering works?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

No, me neither.

Ta son

Darwin said...

I love these captain obvious statements. I always have to bite my tongue and stop myself from saying "whoa really?!!"