Sunday, December 10, 2006

London, Lanka and Lady Luck

All the L's!

So, as she has already mentioned, we finally managed to come up with a time when we were on the same continent and both free. Yes folks I finally met the legend that is Lady Luck.

I'm quite chuffed that, since beginning my attempt at a blog, I've managed to make some great and interesting new friends. I met up with some of the bloggers in Colombo and now I've met with one here. Lady Luck is one of the most confident people I have ever met and I mean that to be a compliment of the highest order.

We had a great couple of hours of rather sparkling conversation and, as she has said too, there were none of those awkward moments when the chat dried up and we looked around uncomfortably. I learnt some stuff too, about Polly someone, who is all the rage with Lady Luck's friends. If you ask her nicely she'll tell you, I'm sure.

Plenty of talk about the Motherland was done, as was a shed load about you bloggers. It's quite funny how none of us really know each other yet we interact so frequently. I bet you're itching to know whether we talked about you specifically and, if you're reading this, then we probably did!

Then I left her, she was desolate and heartbroken but didn't let it show one bit. No, not one bit at all actually. I went back to work, as did she. Her work, not mine that is. Well I went to mine and she went to her own, you know.

But I got to my office and proceeded to mess up my back. I don't know how really but I've spent all of today waddling around like some sort of twat. I've got new heads to put on my bass drum and can't do it because it will probably just make the back worse. Practicing earlier today was abandoned for the pain and if I can't practice then it must be bad.

So there you have it. Friday was fun and interesting and exciting. Today was just a day of self pity and pain.



Indyana said...

Wow!that must have been fun....!

Darwin said...

I've always been of two minds with regard to Blogger meetings. On one hand it would be pretty cool to put a face on the blog, to meet someone new and talk to them because you pretty much already know the basics about them so the awkward small-talk phase is non-existent. On the other hand it can burst the bubble in a way, and it of course messes up the whole annonymity thing. So I'm really on the fence about this once.

But hey, it's cool that you got to do it and liked it!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indyana - Yep - it was fun!

Darwin - The anonimity thing wasn't really any issue. I've got to know quite a few people through this blog or through their blog and we communicate by email and stuff and already know our respectice identities, as was the case with Lady Luck. I see meeting someone face to face as a natural way to get to know people and, if it bursts a bubble, then I didn't know the real person beforehand, so I haven't lost anything.

I hopre that makes sense!