Sunday, December 31, 2006

There's gonna be a resolution...

As John, Paul, Ringo and George nearly said.

My head is brimming with half baked resolutions for 2007, from vague thoughts about buying a flat in Colombo to pretty firm ideas on a new drum kit. There are some tentative seedlings about the ways and means in which I deal with some people and firm deeply rooted plans about making more of the time I get with my kids. If only I could fit inside a TV that last one would me immeasurably easier!

I read a little thing some time back that stayed with me. It was a chap's explanation of why the years fly by with increasing speed as we get older. How many times this year have you said, or heard someone say?

"I can't believe it's the end of the year already, it's just flown"

Well this cove's theory is that, as we get older, one calendar year becomes a smaller fraction of the time we have already been alive for. So, for a four year old child, another year represents twenty five per cent of their life span so far, whereas for a forty year old one more year is merely two and a half per cent of their life.

It all makes perfect sense to me. All along the lines of today's chaos being tomorrow's normality so there's little point in yearning for the calm of yesterday, you know that one don't you? The management consultants out there probably will know what I'm trying to say.

What else? Oh yes. There's a little seedling of a plan to form some kind of alliance of bloggers. I won't say now what the common characteristic will be, partly because I haven't decided and partly because, if I tell you what little I have decided, then all sorts of people will complain that they can't join because they don't fulfil the criteria. Naz, if you read this it's the one I mentioned to you, which you have probably forgotten about by now!

The one firm and "set in stone" resolution I have made, the "SMART" one (specific, measurable etc..) is to learn and master one new drum fill every week during 2007. Doing this will give me 52 new fills this year ( yes, we're home to Captain Obvious!) and, as long as I can recall them on command, it will improve my musical vocabulary no end. It may sound trivial to you but it's a little thing I'm very excited about.

Have a good one.



Theena said...

My resolution for the new year is not screw up like I did in 2006.

Have a good one, man.

Any plans for the night?

Ze big C returns from the jungles tonight. I am planning for a long phone conversation with her.

Exciting I know.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hey Mate,

You too! No plans at this end, collecting my Mother from hospital shortly, then evening stuff with wife and kids, all pretty boring! I hope you have a good one and pls give my love to S (or C)

sach said...

Hey R,

Back from the beach and the jungle. My very original resolution for 2007 is going to be to lose weight. Lol. Much needed as even T's comment about the BIG C implies.

Hope you have a good one. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

will keep the "today's chaos is tomorrows normality" with me n not yearn for the calm that was yesterday.. especially coz, thinking back, yesterday wasnt too calm!

on the percentage of life factor though, imo, its all about experience.. as u grow older, the stuff (shit) going on per year increases dramatically, n u get more focussed on the stuff than on the time the stuff takes (a better explanation would just take longer.. and at 30, so much stuff, so little time! :) so the feeling of how much u dealt with in a year stays with u more than how many days a year has kinda thing.. its very much in line with a percentage of lifespan theory, but more to do with experience n content than mere percentage imo, coz the whole "flown by" year has been something i've kinda been familiar with for a while..

try smoking pot a lot :) it all flows by then!