Monday, December 4, 2006

Celine - Go to your room at once!!

Picture the scene.

There I was, standing at the sink doing the washing up. We have our after dinner routine. Me and the two girls wash and clear up and usually listen to music or mess around a bit. The wife buggers off upstairs and does stuff, God knows what.

This time, for whatever reason we weren't listening to music, but I became aware of the 10 year old singing a song. I listened and the full horror of the situation dawned upon me. In the voice that only a scruffy 10 year old girl could conjure up I could just about make out the words. Come to think of it I could just about make out the tune:

"'Cos my heaaaaart will go oonnnn"

"What on earth are you singing?" I asked.

"That song from Titanic by Celine Dion" she said.

"You know the rules. Never , ever sing that song again, do you understand?" I commanded.

"Yeah, sure Dad, whatever you say", she sort of snarled at me.

This was the evening of the day I had posted up my answers to Theena's music quiz.

Just have a look at question number 6 and my answer to it.

Can I give her one more chance or is that just too lenient for such a ghastly crime?

Anyone know a good plastic surgeon?


Darwin said...

Hahaha that is pretty awful! Don't worry, give them another chance. I confess I used to actually like pretty shite music until I 'grew up' a bit. For the record I neither admit nor deny to liking the likes of Take That, Boyzone, and even Peter Andre.

Thankfully I discovered the likes of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, RHCP and the like since then. So don't lose hope just yet, give them a chance and 'educate' them slowly and subliminally meanwhile.

sach said...

Awww..she's just ten..give her time to grow up and believe me she will grow out of that phase.

P.s- You just gave me a preview of what I'll have to save my kids from. You and T should form a Music Police.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

darwin - I could handle Take That and Boyzone but.. Peter Andre! Even if it's untrue I would suggest you put a post out immediately to say that you have never liked him. There are limits you know.

sach - I'm not getting involved in those sordid games with T dressed up in that uniform again. Once was enough.