Thursday, November 30, 2006

Music Quiz

This tag thing is fun! Thanks Theena.

1. CD or vinyl - CD. Easy peasy. Vinyl and hiss and scratches - no way.

2. An album you've been meaning to listen to - The last Foo Fighters one, the double album, I can't remember what it's called but I need to listen properly to it.

3. Grammys - Important or a load of bollocks - Bollocks - I refer you to Theena's Nickelback statement QED

4. Your favourite album is - variable all the time, currently "Love" by the Beatles or "Live and Dangerous" by Thin Lizzy

5. Invite 10 Music people for dinner. Who will it be? John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Bernard Purdie, Ringo Starr, Phil Lynott, John and Paul and Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze. Lastly there would be Theena.

6. Appropriate punishment for those who play Celine Dion's "My heart will go on" while pretending that it's still 1998 - Plastic surgery to make them look like her.

7. Choose your favourite instrument and its best player from your point of view. After much deliberation I'll go for drums and Bernard Purdie

8. The one piece of music that can move you to tears - Nothing has so far but "Funky Gibbon" by the Goodies comes close.

9. You are an executive at a major label and have the power to green light one album a year. What would you do? - I'd sign Mimosa.

I'll tag Childof25, Ian and Savi.


Anonymous said...

Saw Thin Lizzy in late '70s in Cambridge... Brilliant. whatever happened to them? I know Philip Lynott died, I guess the band faded awy.Trying to remember name of their single/album that did so well. and God Bless Bernard Purdie.Master. Seenimod

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

They are my all time favourite band. They're still doing the rounds with Scott Gorham, one of the early and long standing guitarists, John Sykes, the last guitarist to join, and Michael Lee and Marco Mendoza on drums and bass respectively. I saw them a while ago and posted about them on my blog. I think you might be able to search and find that entry. Their original drummer, Brian Downey, is one of my great heroes.

Thanks for your comment. Although I don't understand "seenimod"

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Oh, and I saw them about 6 times when Phil Lynott was alive - sheer brilliance.