Monday, November 20, 2006

All that Jazz

11.15 PM, Sunday night. Outside here in West London we have a temperature of about 5 C and a windchill factor to accompany it. I've just got in after seeing some rather good Jazz at a local pub. Luckily scarves are all the rage here this year so I got to field test my newest one. You'll be pleased to know that it works.

In my more recent years I've started to appreciate Jazz. I still don't really understand it and I can't play it for love or money but I can see that some of these guys just ooze musicianship.

To see and hear great musicians in action never ceases to inspire and motivate me to sit at my kit and practice until I'm brown in the face. Great players make it look easy but I know the effort they have put in to get to that level.

We're lucky here in London, we have almost any kind of live music available at the drop of a hat, except Baila, you guys in Colombo have the edge on that!

Domestic chores are calling me, the dishwasher needs to be emptied so I shall wish you all the best for the week and will talk later.



sach said...

It is so true that great players make it look so easy. I've resumed orchestra so now we are practicing for the Christmas concerts. Just last Sunday I was watching the principle violinist rehearsing. Everything about his playing was perfect but most of all it seemed so effortless. And that is the beauty of watching and listening to a great artist perform.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - watching a brilliant musician is like one of those ducks where they look elegant and effortless on the surface but below the water there is all sorts of mad stuff going on.