Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Saddam on pay per view?

If, just if, Saddam Hussein's hanging was to be broadcast on pay per view TV it would easily be the biggest pay per view event ever, of that I have no doubt.

But would you watch it?

I'll tell you now. I would. I'm against capital punishment but my curiosity would get the better of me. I don't know whether I'd watch it all or if I'd be too disgusted and would turn off.

What about you?

Let me know.


Darwin said...

I once watched a beheading-style execution thing that someone I was living with at the time downloaded off the net. I think it was Daniel Pearl, the reporter guy. It was truly awful and I don't think I#ll ever watch anything like that again despite my curiosity or anything else. So no, I possibly wouldn't bother if it was free, and I certainly wouldnt pay to watch it either.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

You've just reminded me, I think I saw that very same video clip, it was sickening but I couldn't help my curiosity. Now I'll have to banish it from my memory all over again.

nazsansoni said...

would not consider it for a second.apalled by the thought find the very idea barbaric.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I find it very interesting to hear different people's attitudes towards this. I agree with you Naz that the idea is barbaric, but I'm certain my curiosity would get the better of me. Unless of course, Spongebob Squarepants was on the other side!

Electra said...

i think subconsciously i would attempt to watch it...gross, but honest. actually getting down to it though, i doubt i would. i can't imagine the thought of watching someone real being hanged, just like that. i don't know how so many people watched, and even enjoyed doing so.

i think it would be quite barbaric airing it...i hope they don't, and even if they do i hope the human race has the sense to outsmart out natural curiosity with sensitivity (as if).

Theena said...

As much as I abhor Saddam, I abhor the idea of capital punishment even more. Saddam deserves it yada yada, but I wouldn't watch it.

I've watched that internet clip of a guy being beheaded (by accident) and that ruined an entire day for me.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Theena - I don't think it helped his day much either!

Electra - I've got no reason to think it really would be aired, just a hypothetical question.