Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've finally done one

For years I've admired the photographic abilities of many of these famous chaps. The way some of them can take a scene that you and I wouldn't even glance twice at and make it into a piece of art always amazes me.

It's a talent I wish I had and I spend many an hour trying to develop that visual sense. I can't objectively describe the qualities that make a magnificent photograph for me, all I know is that sometimes I look at one and I honestly feel as if my heart skips a beat.

In my whole life (all 22 years of it!!!) I have probably only taken one photograph that I really think is a good one. It was taken on 35mm film and I've lost the negative so the only copy I have is a massive poster sized enlargement of it hanging in my sitting room. So I can't show it to you. Unless you want to come round, in which case you'll be very welcome.

But, a couple of weeks ago I took another one that I am truly proud of. This is it. I tried it in black and white too but it's the colour one that works for me.

There was absolutely no manipulation of the image done other than anything the camera chose to do of its own accord.

I hope you like it too.

And do you know what? The Isle of Man is an ok place. It has its idiosyncrasies but all places do don't they? It was very. very photogenic in parts and I enjoyed getting out and snapping away.

So there!

And Hot Chocolate is back.

The cheer of the bloggers must be brought out and used to celebrate this good news:


We like her.

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