Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Your help is requested

I know this is a bit stupid and a man of my wisdom should know better but how do you do that thing?

You know when you write the title of a post or someone's name and, if the reader clicks on that bit of text, the link is contained within the text. Yeah, that thing, how does one do it?

Don't tell anyone I asked, I don't want anyone thinking I'm an idiot or something, particularly any other bloggers.



Manshark said...

If y'mean, how do you link another webpage to your post..there's a link button on your post editor - you highlight the bit of text (someone's name, etc) and click on the link button and enter the url you want to link to! Go here for more detail!

If this is not what u meant, sorry!! ;o)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

That's exactly what I meant. Thanks a lot Manshark.

darwin said...

This is also a useful thing to have;