Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm sorry but I have to confess....

Last night I went out for one of those"quiet" evenings with my best mate P. It was just a few beers at our lively local pub. At least that was the plan.

We had a pleasant and enjoyable night just shooting the shit, eyeing up girls, wishing we were younger and singler and all that sort of thing. We talked extensively about the Powerizers that I mentioned here.

and are very seriously thinking about getting these babies. It could be fun and dangerous!

I staggered home well after midnight with rather too much Stella Artois inside me. I had one of those incredibly good drunken meals, the type when you are hungry and pissed, but not so drunk that you aren't bothered about food. I had made a chicken curry on Sunday night, as all good Asians do when we return from a holiday that is free of spicy food. I had the leftover chicken curry and about half a ton of mixed fried rice. Bargain!

It is true that some wisdom comes with age and I have learnt that mixing my drinks is the best way to have an evil hangover. So I try not to.

This morning I woke up feeling groggy, but not disastrously so. I showered, shaved and made my toilet. Then I sat on it.

Then I woke the wife, who had left our bed at some point in the night and gone to another room to sleep in a spare bed. I have a vague recollection of her shouting at me in the night, something to do with snoring. Then I woke the kids, said goodbye and left. All in all it was my fairly usual morning routine.

The drive into work was the special bit. It's a frosty, sharp and icy morning here. The temperature, courtesy of BMW in car electronics, was 2 degrees C. Everything looked gorgeous.

For the last few days I have been observing the autumn colours and thinking, or trying to think, of photographic opportunities. It has felt as if all the ingredients have been just not quite there. Suddenly this morning it all fell into place.

All the trees looked stunning, the shades of reds, oranges and yellows combined with the frosty morning light made me feel as if I was driving through a painting. A nice one too. I had no hangover and it was one of those "glad to be alive" half hours.

On the CD player I was listening to the setlist that I have to learn for a gig. Theena, if you're reading this I can only apologise. I know that many will never take me seriously as a musician ever again but I'm going to stick my head above the parapet. I have to confess that........

I really, really, really like............................."Hole in the Head", by the Sugarbabes.

It's out now. I feel better for it.
It's a song that I have to learn, not very challenging from a drum angle, but I just think it's a great kicking grooving little pop song.

Also, for anyone interested, I bought two of those Cubeworld things for the girls yesterday. They're brilliant things. Go get some and you'll thank me for the recommendation.

Also I must admit I felt a pang of woe when I read this:

and discovered that my blog wasn't mentioned. Then I realised that I wasn't listed on Technorati. I am now. I don't know what effect it will have but it seems to be the done thing.

Like one of the nominees who claps the winner at an awards ceremony I'd like to pass my congratulations on to the top 20. Most of them are blogs I read regularly and clearly others do too.

I'm off now. Have a good Friday and a good weekend all.

And please don't tell anyone about the Sugarbabes thing.


Indyana said...

I did what russel peters would suggest," do the right thing" I joined technorati as well!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

It's all new to me Indyana - I never even knew what Technorati was until yesterday. I would have guessed it's some kind of pasta dish!

Anonymous said...

I know someone who was constipated till he admitted to liking Shakira's Hips Don't Lie and Beep by PCD.

Hole in the head is a nice song but I didn't find it to be very different from their other songs.

Anyway it's a good thing you let it out before you succumbed to the pressure of hiding it.

N said...

really Sugababes? Really?! My main complaint is that the're not that fit...much less entertaining having them on the projection screen on silent than the PCD...Nicole...oh Nicole...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Guys - Don't get me wrong, it's just the one song of their's that I like. Young, fit, sexy women in skimpy clothes won't fool me that easily!

Theena said...

"I know someone who was constipated till he admitted to liking Shakira's Hips Don't Lie and Beep by PCD."

Ehem *is not sure how to respond*